A Stag Weekend Recipe For Friendship: How do you make friends when you’re an adult?

by Chris26. October 2015 14:10

Making friends as a child is not exactly straight forward, but it happens. It just happens. You can’t recall why these people that surround you now care what you do and what you say but they do and you care about them equally.


As you get older, it gets harder, there’s lots of trying to be cool in high school, there’s lots of trying to be something slightly different and college, and there’s a lot of tragic reinventing at university (if you didn’t go, you didn’t really miss anything, other than top knots on lads that used to laugh at footballers with hair bands).


After university though its work. You make friends at work but making friends at work means you can’t call in sick when you’re hungover, or properly vent about work or your manager when you’ve had one to many lager tops. So, how the hell do you make any friends? We’re all in the same boat!

First thing to remember, is most people think the same way. Unless you’re one of those weird people that has had the same 20 mates since school you’ve probably got room for an extra mate here or there. It’s natural to keep a few close mates but extended groups rarely last past that strange time when everyone you thought was dead starts getting engaged.

So that should mean loads of us are in the same boat, right? Well, it doesn’t really seem to feel like that. For some reason everyone seems to believe they are the only person in the world in their position. If we’re honest all of us have got room for a couple more mates in our lives. Honestly there are people that are gagging to go watch the football with you, you just have to find them.

The Perfect Situation

You may wonder why the hell we’re doing a piece on making friends when we normally discuss how to have a banging stag do. Well, the answer is very simple. A stag do is the perfect situation to make yourself a new buddy.

You can tell me all you like that you should join a club to meet new people, but let’s be honest not many of us are really going to start playing badminton just to have someone to go to the pub with. The most natural way to meet new people is to meet them through a mutual friend. Once you have been introduced to ‘Barry’ by your weird mate ‘Paul’ your allowed to be your normal self and can legitimately ask Barry what he does for a living without seeming like a creep, Barry will answer you’ll ask polite questions and there you have it you’ve made an acquaintance. You may think he’s way cooler than Paul.

Shared Experiences

Once you’ve got your acquaintance you need only one thing… a shared experience. This is why friendships are so easy to make at school, you all experience the same thing day in day out and therefore can talk about your view on the shared experience and through conversation create shared memories.

This is why when you get together with old mates half of what you do will be chatting about what you’ve already done. Re-living experiences, remembering them together and strengthening the bridges between the friendships.

The Stag Weekend

The stag weekend is the ultimate, perfect, most well equipped adventure on which to make new mates. The likelihood is the group will be made up of people that know each other well, people that have met before and people that are only coming together because the stag wanted them there. So, you’ve got the people, you’ve got the mutual friend, and you’ve got the shared experience of a life time. The perfect recipe for a new pal!

Warning: Be careful, and stay away from speeches about everlasting friendships. If you’re too keen you may end up doing an ‘Alan’… 





Are Activities Replacing Strippers On Stag Weekends?

by Chris19. October 2015 13:49

There’s an argument that the new activities associated with stag weekends will replace the need for strippers. We can see the reasoning behind that, sometimes it’s easier to opt against having a stripper especially if your bride-to-be is against the idea. Sometimes, in this post-feminism world, some blokes just want to kick back and relax with their mates and recall sexual expeditions over a few beers after a day of paintballing rather than tucking tenners into thongs like they’re Tena ladies.

Are people forgetting all about the double DDs and G-strings or not?

Rise of Burlesque

If anyone wants to question the popularity of stripping they just have to look at one phenomenon… burlesque. If the men of the world were losing the desire to see naked ladies strutting their stuff on a stage then you’d really have to question why doing it behind corsets and feathers has been so popular? Do we just love corsets and feathers, guys? I don’t think so.

An Extra

If we’re honest with ourselves, shooting a big gun, having a good game of football or generally being a big kid is great, but its greatness could never rival the greatness of breasts. There’s no two ways about it, even in the last 5 minutes of the champion’s league final boobs still grab your attention over football. Watching Messi curve a beautiful ball onto the right foot of Suarez for a screaming volley will never quite beat the curves on woman.

It’s all talk

We men are very glad to pass on the message that stag weekends aren’t so much about the beers and strippers anymore. ‘It’s not like that anymore, it’s about having a good time with your mates’ is something we’re all very happy to share with our wives and girlfriends… even if it isn’t the whole truth. The real truth is that there is so much going on that strippers, although present, are not always the main entertainment of the weekend.

It’s not for everyone

Of course that kind of stag weekend isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We aren’t naïve, we know that some blokes are way too besotted to even contemplate another women’s physique, some people just don’t like the idea, and some people would rather do something else. The thing is, were not really seeing a decline in erotic entertainment at stag do’s, instead we’re seeing a rise in new activities. It means that people that previously thought a stag weekend wasn’t for them can tailor make something they’d enjoy with their mates without having to feel uncomfortable.

Mix it up

Our advice is mix it up. The chances are your stag do is going to be a pretty varied bunch with varied tastes, so a bit of everything goes down well. Both style stag weekends have their place and most commonly they end up being a combination of the two which is the way we like it! However, as much as this tradition is ever developing and evolving with new ideas and activities, the whole getting drunk and looking at naked ladies thing doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

3 Things That Change When you get Married

by Chris15. October 2015 13:33

When embarking on the journey towards holy matrimony there will be more than a few times that you ask yourself… “What am I getting myself into?”. This won’t be because you’re making a bad decision, this will be because you’re a normal person.

When buying a house the same thought runs through your head, same with a brand new car, and almost repeatedly when you have children. That’s what life is about right? Making decisions and then constantly worrying whether you made the right one.

What really changes when you get married?

Most people that tie the knot in the UK already live together. The living together part was probably the biggest change for a married couple traditionally. So, you’re probably not in for a shock. Presumably, if you’ve lived together for a decent while you will have seen the best and the worst of each other already. You will have been endeared or outraged by their weird habits, and smitten or sickened with their weird smells. So, if you already live together what really changes?

1. Money

Legally your money is now joint money. This means you need to talk about finances properly, whereas, prior to marriage, as long as you could afford to pay the rent and the bills, the conversation didn’t really need to go any further. It’s not just that, your joint money could now be on its way to buying some property, and that certainly needs some discussing. There are quite a few financial benefits to marriage, you can see our finance tips in the links below!

2. Your Name

This may seem very silly and inconsequential but names are important. If you’re keeping your name then it’s all gravy, but if you’re losing it or going double barrelled then it will take some time to adjust. Simple things like when the doctor calls your name and you think ‘that’s not me’ when it is, will throw you at first. Think about how long it takes you to write the correct date on everything every January, it’s only been that year for a year, your names been your name forever! Forms will become your new worst enemy.

3. Perceptions

Once you’re married, people will perceive you differently, this isn’t a bad thing though. Your friends and family won’t think you’ve changed. I mean, your mum will probably ask you when you’re going to have children and your dad will probably ask you when you’re going to get on to the property ladder but really its new people that you meet that will see you differently. Marriage says something about a person, it says they are comfortable, settled, and have their life worked out; as much as that may not be the case!

The Reality...

It’s the legalities that change, the name, the money and the tax situation. Of course you’ll have made a very definite commitment to your partner which will inevitably affect your relationship (most commonly for the better). Don’t get me wrong, marriage is a big step, it’s a very big step, it’s just not the leap of faith it used to be…





You’ll Never Guess What Danny Dyer Is Doing For His Stag Do…

by Chris2. October 2015 15:40

We all know who Danny Dyer is, he’s the hard talking cockney from Human Traffic, Football Factory, and The Business; in short, he’s a bit of a geezer. Despite what we may expect from Danny Dyer, he’s more of a family man than a hard man these days, according to his best man Kirk Norcross.

Childhood Sweethearts

Kirk, of TOWIE fame and godfather to Danny Dyer’s only son, will be best man when Dyer weds his childhood sweetheart and long term partner, Jo Mas, next year. The couple have been together 23 years through ups and downs and have three children.

Would you Adam and Eve it?

So what would you expect the cheeky cockney geezer to get up to on his last night of freedom, a boat party, an away day, a 3 day bender? Try Scrabble. Yes, Scrabble.

Danny Dyer will be avoiding strip clubs, lap dances, drugs and anything too naughty. According to best man Kirk, the stag do will be a low key event with a few beers, a few cigars and a scrabble tournament.

Is Danny Dyer letting the side down?

Perhaps you could say Danny isn’t really living up to the character that he portrays, but that doesn’t matter. He’s not an old man, nor is he in the springs of youth. This is laidback style of stag do is not atypical for a gent getting married when he’s already been with his partner over twice as long as the average marriage in London lasts!

Chequered Past

To be fair, Danny Dyer hasn’t really missed out on any partying, if anything it is the family time he’s missed out on. He has openly spoke about his bad behaviour in the past, drugs, cheating and stealing. In his youth he would steal mountain bikes and sell them for drugs, in later life too much partying and cheating lead to the breakdown of his relationship with Fiancé Jo. This break up plunged Dyer into a cycle of drug taking which eventually lead to him turning his back on drugs for good. Now he’s turned over a new leaf with his family, part of which is wedding the mother of three, Jo.

Alternative Stag Weekends

With a past like Mr. Dyer it is probably the safest bet to keep well out of trouble. It seems as though this man has done his fair share of partying and seen his fair share of temptation – not always resisting it either. He has said that the ‘devils come out’ when he’s not around his family… probably best to have a quiet one then, eh, geez?

Truth is there’s definitely place for a new breed of stag weekend. We don’t quite envision it as weekend long scrabble tournaments but everyone is different. This is why we offer an option to tailor make your stag do entirely to your own needs!






Burlesque vs. Stripping? What do women think?

by Chris29. September 2015 15:05

Every woman and her pussycat seems to think that burlesque is awesome, but why are women so cool with other women taking their clothes off?

Traditionally, women don’t seem to like semi-clad people as much as men do. I mean of course there are women that love naked men, and women that love naked women, but the ladies don’t seem to have quite the same infatuation with bare skin as the lads.

Men will empty their wallets, lick boots clean, and punch themselves in the privates just for a glimpse of a nipple. To the contrary, when women face a phallus the reaction is more often than not muted. Unless, of course, the phallus is attached to someone famous or someone in some sort of uniform.

Women seem to have taken to burlesque whilst continuing to frown upon the art of stripping. I decided to take to the streets to find out what the funk was going on.

The Streets

The first lady I spoke to looked like your stereotypical burlesque admirer; tattoos, black hair and little cherry earrings. Her response was basically what I had expected.

What are your thoughts on burlesque?

‘Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s quite sexy for men, you know? I think it is sexy for woman too, more if you’re doing it, but generally I think it is for blokes.’

How do you think it compares to stripping?

‘Well, I think it’s more arty, less demeaning, I think I definitely prefer burlesque, I think it could be a bit sleazy as well, but not in the same way. I think it’s great when you get someone like Dita von Tease doing it at a classy show, that’s when it’s good’ For the most part, this was typical of the majority of opinions on the whole burlesque vs. stripping debate. There seemed to be a distinct difference between the two for most women I spoke to. It was that burlesque was artistic and flamboyant, whilst stripping was formulaic and degrading. All the women I had spoken to so far we’re between 30 and 50 so I decided to ask a few younger ladies and see if the younger generations regarded it the same way.

Why, Generation Y?

I asked a woman in her 20’s with red hair, who worked at a university, what she thought about it all.

What are your thoughts on burlesque?

‘Nice opener, ha-ha, um I guess, it’s cool, I’d kind of like to try it one day’

Nice, you should go for it! Why do you think women have that sort of reaction more to burlesque, whereas traditional stripping gets a bad rep?

‘I think it’s because it’s more fun, it looks empowering but I think it’s much the same as stripping, I’d probably do that as well, I seriously considered it at uni, maybe one day. I’d love to try pole dancing. I think they are essentially the same but there’s a bit of sense of humour with burlesque, stripping seems a bit more serious, maybe?’

Oh cool, I get what you mean, how do think burlesque is empowering? Would you consider stripping to empowering too?

‘Yeah I’d say so, I don’t think it makes a difference really, it’s taking your clothes off on a stage essentially. I think it’s empowering because like, well, men ogle women anyway, if men want to pay to look at you why wouldn’t you say hell yeah, and take the initiative. I mean it’s not for everyone but you know…’

I spoke to another young woman who was on her lunch break…

What are your thoughts on burlesque?

‘I've not watched much really, from what I have seen I think when it's done well it can be very beautiful.’

Do you think it’s aimed at men or women?

‘It's definitely for both, some women may not think so, but I think you can appreciate the female form and the dancing and the lovely underwear, which I think makes it different from stripping’

Oh okay, so you would say it is different then?

‘To stripping, yeah, the environment is different. The purpose is, and aim of it. Obviously, they are both to, like, entertain but I think burlesque is to showcase the dance, the seduction, the art of the body, the sexual-ness, the lingerie, you know? Stripping is to get people off, and burlesque is to tease.’

Getting to the bottom of it

Burlesque was definitely held up as an art form whereas stripping was seen more as something you do to make ends meet. The distinction made between ‘tease’ and ‘getting people off’ was an interesting one. Especially since, modern stripping still has its roots very deeply in the traditional ‘strip tease’. I think the concerns surrounding either phenomenon were actually what women took issue with rather than the act itself. ‘Taking one’s clothes off’ was only mentioned explicitly when comparing how the two forms of erotic entertainment are similar. Whilst talking about why women strip and why women perform burlesque was rather different. Strippers were regarded as desperate whilst Burlesque dancers were regarded as empowered.

What I think it would be safe to say is the marketing has been rather different for burlesque, women feel like burlesque has something to offer them and that stripping only offers men an opportunity for infidelity. Although a considerable amount of women had seen live burlesque shows only a few women had seen a live strip show which may go some way to explain the general distaste for a profession that is rather similar to its more respected sister.




Stag Do Ends In 5 Hour Rescue Mission

by Chris6. September 2015 13:09

It’s nice to do something relaxing on a stag weekend. When you add some physically demanding activities to the - already demanding - drinking and partying… the weekend can really take a lot out of you. With that said, a nice boat trip down a protected wetland sounds like a lovely hang over cure. There’s fresh air, beautiful scenery and all the birdsong a man with a pounding headache could want. Well that’s exactly what this stag group in Great Yarmouth decided to do; hire a boat and go on a relaxing adventure. It turned out to be an adventure alright, but far from a relaxing one.

Protected Wetland

A stag group of 9 hired a cruiser from Alpha Craft to sail along Breydon water in Norfolk. The lake is part of the UK’s largest protected wetland and is connected to the sea at Great Yarmouth. The group of likely lads were enjoying the trip until they strayed off course…

On most boat trips straying a little of course wouldn’t be so terrible, it’s just part of the fun isn’t it? Not for these blokes it isn’t! The trouble with this body of water is that it is subject to the tide, although there is a deep channel throughout the lake, at low tide there are large areas of boat wrecking mudflats. Inevitably, this is where the stag party came (ironically) unstuck!

Stuck in the mud

The boat was grounded on the mudflats, and the men were stranded for hours. The rescue mission was far from simplistic; it took the three lifeboats 5 hours to get to the marooned stag party.

Langford Jillings, owner of the cruise boat was perhaps a little more upset about the events than the men who managed to be rescued unharmed and walk away from the wreckage. Jillings suggested the boat would take weeks to get the boat back on the water in ship shape.

This may have been some exploring that went drastically wrong, just a general lack of experience or the fault of a few ill-timed lagers. We have a feeling that all three may have played a part!

Do your research

Something that by stag do standards sounded pretty tame turned into what can only be described as an ordeal! When planning a stag do activity make sure you do you research, it sounds boring, I know, but this whole situation could have easily been avoided.

Let us do the hard work

If you want to get rid of the boredom of meticulously researching the whole of your stag weekend, why not book one of our packages? We have a ludicrous range of activities from the crazy to the relaxing. We have nude life drawing, where you can relax, as your eyes do more work than your pencil, or could choose to rest your eyes completely… with an hour of blind driving! You could chill out and learn to make some lovely mind blowing cocktails or you could have your mind blown and nerves shot in the entirely unnerving virtual warfare experience.

At the end of the day, Escape Trips, can almost definitively say you won’t end up stuck in the mud, waiting for someone to rescue but we can’t promise anything… it is a stag do after all!




What to do if your bride-to-be says, ‘NO STRIPPERS!’

by Chris2. September 2015 12:51

When you think ‘stag weekend’, what do you think? Beer and strippers, right? Well, you’re pretty much correct… that is basically the traditional combination for a stag weekend.

There is a difficult question to answer if your bride to be is giving you the ‘no strippers’ rule; what the hell do you do? Well, there’s one thing you should always do… you should ask her why.

There tends to be two schools of ‘anti-stripper’ thought… (1) Objectification or (2) crippling fear.

You need to find out which one you’re dealing with so you can approach it the right way. Let’s look at objectification first…

Are the girls objectified?

Many girls objection to stripping is that it objectifies the strippers as mere sex objects… pieces of meat that the guys don’t care about, they just leer at and dribble over. Most of those girls will not have been in a strip club.

I say this for one simple reason; in a strip club the power lies with the stripper. Although the guys are there to appreciate the female form, the girls are not passive bystanders in this. For most guys a stag weekend strip club visit will probably be their first and perhaps their only visit. The stag party will have had a few beers on board and won’t exactly be in charge of their own bodies let alone anyone else’s. The girls on the other hand, are at work in a controlled environment, with a team of bouncers watching out for their welfare, and are able to refuse your custom if they don’t like how you’re acting.

Most erotic dancers will plead for ladies to come and watch their shows and look at their pay packet before making a judgement. These are women making money out of their femininity, which could be seen as pretty empowered. To make a feminist argument, on the whole men make more money than women because they are men, stripping is a small example of this for women. This is an industry where women have taken advantage of their position in society to make them money. They can make this money only because they are women.

Let’s be honest about it, the reality any involvement with a stripper on your stag weekend is going to be a dropped jaw or a stupid grin whilst she’s there. Once she’s gone you’re going to get the courage to slur to your mates about her amazing bum.

How to deal with jealousy?

Now, onto the much more difficult topic of that ‘crippling fear’; the crippling fear that you’re going to be a very naughty boy.

Admittedly, this is hard to get around. Jealously is mostly irrational (unless you’ve already been an idiot) which means rational arguments don’t often help that much. What your partner is really asking for is a bit of reassurance. All too often, we hear about a bloke going off on one about how his misses should just trust him. That hypothetical bloke is right, she should, but sometimes the ladies just want to be told how much you love them, that you’d never do that and that having a stripper doesn’t mean cheating. In fact, as there are mostly very strict no touching rules, cheating is much less likely in a strip club than it is in a regular club.

If you wanted to sleep with someone else, you definitely wouldn’t be getting a stripper to draw attention to your lustful thoughts. You’d just leave it and go paintballing…






STAG DO’s and DON’Ts: Fake Bomb May Get Prankster Banged Up

by Chris30. August 2015 12:31

When you’re in a big group of lads you do feel a bit braver, that’s true, safety and numbers and all that. Maybe you tell a woman she’s got a nice figure when you wouldn’t normally have the courage to, maybe you tell some outrageously offence jokes, maybe you climb up a lamppost, and maybe you down too many shots in a row. You might even snigger amongst yourselves about the strict airport security but what you don’t do is the worst possible thing you can think of to cause all hell to break lose.

What happened?

Did one of them shout ‘bomb’? Nope, it was actually a lot worse than that…

The stag party were lined up ready to go through the X-ray machines at Glasgow airport, keenly awaiting a stag weekend in Berlin. It is unclear who knew what was going to happen next, but one person most definitely did. Amongst the Stag’s luggage was a ‘crude device’ which the Stag appeared to have no explanation for. The ‘crude device’ turned out, thankfully, to be nothing more than a crude joke.

Fake Bomb Prank

Swiftly after the stag being accosted, the culprit had to own up to his fake bomb prank. One of the stag party had planted the fake bomb in the Stag’s suitcase.

Reportedly, other passengers ogled the scene as the airport staff controlled the situation. They called the police, and ensured panic did not ensue throughout the airport.

What did he think would happen?

Seriously, what was the payoff?

Well, the payoff for the prankster was getting to see the rest of the group fly off to the stag weekend without him, and a court date next month.

Suitcase Jokes

We understand that playing pranks on the stag is part and parcel of a stag weekend, but there are a million good pranks you can pull without breaking the law or being so idiotic! Replacing the Stag’s luggage with sex toys and fancy dress is a much more reasonable route to go down. It’s not illegal to take a strap-on on holiday but it sure as hell is embarrassing.

At Escape Trips, we condone reasonable legal pranks but people really need to know when to draw the line; you’d think even the most outrageous prankster would draw the line at illegal activity. Our advice is to run any pranks by the best man and make sure they don’t affect anyone but those in your stag party. This fake bomb prankster made a lot of people’s jobs unnecessarily harder and that just isn’t funny at all.





Escape Trips Best Man Tips: How to throw a stag weekend that doesn’t end in tears

by Chris28. August 2015 12:10

The combination of a group of close mates, some hilarious activities, a fair few drinks and a weekend away from responsibility can often result in an emotional journey. It’s a weekend for the stag and his mates to blow off some steam before the big day. In the run up to most weddings stress levels and tensions are high and the stag probably has a fair bit of steam expel. This means the best man has the responsibility to make sure the stag do is as mental as possible without causing unnecessary upset.

Make sure the stag do fits the bill

Knowing what your stag wants from his stag do is important, but knowing what your stag needs from his stag do is vital. If he wants a night out with all his closest mates, family, and the bride-to-be’s family, but can’t hold his tongue after he’s had a few jars, don’t give him the opportunity to say something he shouldn’t. If he wants a quiet night in with a pizza and some beers take him on a crazy weekend to Amsterdam and sort him out! Trust us, it will be almost therapeutic.

At the end of the day, you’re the organiser, don’t organise something he’ll hate, organise something he’ll pretend to hate to in front of his bride-to-be!!

Don’t invite people out of kindness

You’re the best man for a reason… so you can do the dirty work to make sure the stag do is amazing. This means you have to tell people no. If you sense there is a rift between a relative and the stag the best course of action is to not invite them. You don’t want it to go sour when your stag is under so much stress. Yeah you want him to make a fool of himself but not by swinging a right hook for his cocky little cousin.

Organise in the right order

Many best men fall into the trap of deciding what to do before they decide who they are going to invite to the stag do. What the stag do entails can really change who’ll you want to invite, if you’re going for one of our more risqué packages then maybe you won’t want to invite the father of the bride… although, he could be a bit of a dark horse!

If strippers aren’t allowed don’t book a stripper

Of course, you want to give your mate the best send-off ever but if his misses has said no strippers, and he’s said no strippers, just don’t book a stripper. There’s a million other things to do, we know looking at naked ladies is really cool, but if it’s going to create a problem just avoid it. We’ve got a good alternative here actually… 

People aren’t always the problem

Most of our tips here have focused on who to have with you on the stag do.


Well, you can’t control people or their emotions so you have to try and do as much as possible to make sure there isn’t a disaster. If you create the environment for a disaster, there WILL be one; it’s all about minimising risk!

It’s important that it all goes smoothly and it will if you take our advice. Booking a package from Escape Trips means there won’t be any hiccups with the stag weekend itself, but we can’t guarantee no one will get upset. Your job as a best man is to humiliate the stag, make him have the best weekend of his life, and then give him back to the bride-to-be (relatively) unharmed…


Escape Trips Best Man’s Tips: How to organise a stag weekend without inviting people you don’t like

by Chris26. August 2015 11:20

Stag Weekends

Deciding who to invite is an awkward unenviable job that we wouldn’t wish on anyone. For some people it can be a real breeze but for most it’s an awkward experience in the politics of friendship. You run the risk of upsetting anyone you don’t invite, but invite the wrong people and it may ruin it for your stag. Our ultimate tip for getting the invites right without upsetting anyone is to actually use the stag do itself to decide for you. That sounds a bit crazy, right? Let me explain…

Let the location decide!

Location of your stag do can justify your decisions. If you decide who you want to invite with your stag, then you can devise a way to break it to everyone without getting in trouble. Like so…

If your stag only wants the crème de la crème of his mates… pick a weekend abroad. It’s more expensive than your average stripper and beers combo so people just along for the ride won’t cough up the dough and it’s just a logistical nightmare to go with too many people; they’ll understand. It isn’t actually that much more expensive to have your stag weekend abroad but it just gives you a nice excuse, doesn’t it?

If you’re on a budget or for some reason can’t leave the country (?!) but still want an exclusive affair, pick a city a couple of hours away for the stag weekend. In fact, what may surprise you is that travelling to the opposite end of the country often takes longer than the travel time to our popular Europe destinations, again, it’s just a good excuse for not inviting your annoying cousin.

If you’re in the strange situation where your stag loves everyone and wants them all to attend, the best place to hold the stag weekend is in your home town, make sure it’s not too expensive and most people will come along.

The Double Trouble Trick

Here at Escape Trips, the double trouble trick is one of our favourite invitation avoidance techniques. What is it? It’s doubling your trouble by having too stag dos. A proper weekend away with your best mates, and a night out with your family, extended family, mates and acquaintances to make sure no one gets left out (apart from the strippers, trust us, you don’t need them the second time round).

Separating, what we like to call, ‘the core’ and everybody else normally makes for a smoother stag weekend and a friendlier run up to the wedding. Firstly, it takes away the pressure of having your bride-to-be’s family around you when you’re supposed to be letting loose, and secondly, it make sure they do get to take part in your send off. The one is wild, the other a reserved celebration of you tying the knot!

Remember… you’re the best man!

At the end of the day, you are the best man, you organise the stag do, and therefore the buck stops with you. If you don’t invite someone and they get upset with the stag then you take full responsibility. If you are a real best man you’ll have been covering for him for years anyway, so it should be second nature. Just make sure you take the heat… your mates probably got enough on his plate anyway!


About Escape

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