Cocktail Homework for Hens

by Chris11. August 2014 12:36

Nothing screams party quite like a pitcher (or six) of exotic cocktails to enjoy with your fellow hens and the bride to be. Planning a hen do can be thirsty work too so we think a pre-hen weekend get together could be in order. In truth we organise everything for you but a night with the girls is a night with the girls. If you are going to be clubbing and pubbing it around a number of top locations it makes sense to try out some of the more common cocktails in advance, just to make sure you like them before the big weekend of course.

Why not get together and practice your shaken but not stirred routine in advance?

Some cocktails rely on tried and tested recipes however others are given a bit of extra “Va Va Voom” by bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts who like to play around with ingredients a little. Start with these three basic recipes and once you’ve perfected your technique perhaps add some tweaks of your own (if you are still standing).

The Manhattan

This suave recipe looks great in a cocktail glass served with a cherry and may be quite potent. Simply stir together three quarters of an ounce of sweet Martini Rosso, one and a half ounces of whisky (the better quality the whisky the better tasting the cocktail) and a dash of Angostura bitters.

Screaming Orgasm

We doubt any hen night involving cocktails has missed this one off the list. It may sound naughty however you can’t deny it tastes very nice. Mix in equal measures of three quarters of an ounce each of vodka, Bailey’s Irish cream, Amaretto Di Saronno and Kahlua. Serve over ice for a taste sensation that will blow your mind and for a “frigid” screaming orgasm mix with crushed ice.

The Flaming Sambuca

The ultimate hen night “dare” drink; this cocktail is bound to make quite the impression. Pour two parts Sambuca and add 6 drops of Blue Curacao. Cover the glass to allow the fumes to gather and when ready light the Sambuca. The idea is to down the drink flames and all however whether you want to do that (and how highly you value your eyebrows) is down to you. There are a number of fabulous cocktail recipes out there for you to try and you and your hens will no doubt come up with a few original concoctions yourselves. If cocktail making and drinking really is your thing then check out the cocktail making activity “High Spirits” available in many of our UK destinations.

Bratislava Uncovered

by Chris29. July 2014 21:41

Some see “Bratislava” and think it may possibly be a country featured in the Eurovision song contest however can’t say that they know much else about it. Bratislava is in fact the capital of Slovakia located in what was once known as Czechoslovakia. A stunningly beautiful area Bratislava is the perfect stag destination for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you and your stag party are interested in fabulous scenic river views (Bratislava sits on the River Danube) and wish to enjoy examples of charming and historical Eastern European architecture then this would be the ideal location.

If of course you are also searching for a range of high end, fairly cheap bars and clubs and a number of top stag-do experiences in an area where the girls are hot and the beer is chilled to perfection then Bratislava has a lot to offer.

We spotted the potential in this thriving city straight away and so have a number of packages set up to ensure that you have everything you could possibly wish for, and perhaps more.

Would the AK47 Gun package Tickle Your Fancy

How does a package which includes airport taxis from Bratislava, a guided bar crawl (it wouldn’t do to miss out the best clubs and pubs), some lap dancing and two nights three star accommodation in a hotel which includes a hearty breakfast sound? The main feature if you like in this package is probably the AK47 Mayhem adventure.

Your guide will meet you at the hotel and escort you to the shooting range used by the renowned Slovakian armed forces. On arrival you will be enjoying the most intense shooting package we have dared put together, using weapons such as machine guns, hand guns and even shotguns. If that doesn’t get the adrenalin racing nothing will!

The Guided Bar Crawl

Bratislava is renowned for offering a fantastic night-life experience and we want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. With traditional pubs, trendy clubs and strip clubs a-plenty you are bound to have a memorable time. Your guides will be able to translate (always good for the single stags and drink orders) and will keep you company for approximately five hours, if you last that long! Your two gorgeous Slovakian guides will guarantee you entrance into all of the best venues and make sure that your night out on the town is one to remember for a long time.

Lap Dancing

Did you hear the one about the Slovakian lap dancer? Of course you haven’t, because what happens in the lap dancing clubs stays in the lap dancing clubs. If we need to say more let it be that Bratislava offers her visitors the highest level of entertainment without exception.

If you are browsing stag party destinations don’t overlook Bratislava simply because the city isn’t as well-known as some of the others. If you do you’ll never know what you are missing out on.

The Soundtrack for a Top Hen Night

by Chris15. July 2014 12:34

All good events need a really good soundtrack and we’ve put together what we think is a top playlist for our hens, it doesn’t matter what activities you have planned, these tunes are classics.

We are Family by Sister Sledge

Hundreds of hens have bopped on the dance floor to this cool tune, toasting their gal pals in a show of sisterhood. Whether you enjoy our basics package with lots of dancing and clubbing included or indeed any of our weekends which end up in a pub or club this tune should be at the top of your list.

Grease Lightning

It doesn’t matter whether you are in your hotel and enjoying a Grease-style sleepover with a Butler in the Buff in attendance or enjoying our Summer Lovin’ Grease experience, there isn’t one song from Grease which won’t have you all singing along, sober or not so sober!

Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee

Lousy with virginity

Won't go to bed 'til I'm legally wed

I can't; I'm Sandra Dee

Dirty Dancing

Oh baby! We have a fabulous and very popular Dirty Dancing experience which enables you and your hens to enjoy the company of your own Jonny Castle while you learn the steps to all of the dances Baby learned inside the log cabin in this classic film. No-one will leave you or your girls in the corner and if you want to do the mashed potato around the local karaoke bar, then so be it! We know that with one of our hen weekend that you are bound to have the time of your lives.

Big Spender – Shirley Bassey

As soon as you walked in the joint…. We could tell that you were hens of distinction which is why we’ve put together so many combinations to make sure you classy ladies get the package you deserve.

Nothing Beats the 80’s Experience

Come on you karaoke queens and dancing divas, our Leeds 80’s Experience is known for miles around. Boogie on down to tracks from Fame, Footloose and more. A bottle of bubbly goes to the best performer and don’t forget your cone bra if Like a Virgin is your signature track.

Murder on the Dance Floor – Sophie Ellis Baxter

This is a top tune it its own right and is absolutely perfect for singing on the way to our popular Who Dunnit activity. Enjoy a suspense filled murder mystery weekend where you and your fellow friends search for clues, try not to get murdered yourself and hopefully weed out the elusive killer. Talented actors will co-ordinate the fun and a three-course dinner will be included. It sounds almost worth a knife in the back for.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do for your hen night, you know we have the perfect song and the very best in memorable fun planned just for you.

Hen Night Beauty Must Haves – Stay Fabulous Looking No Matter How Long the Party Goes On

by Chris7. July 2014 11:26

You know how it goes. You get dolled up, you hit the down, the drinks start flowing and then at around 10pm you catch a glance of yourself in the club toilet mirrors under harsh light and want to hide in a cubicle for the rest of the night.

These handbag or overnight case must-haves will banish the “how do I look” worries regardless of which of our packages you find yourself on (you never know when those camera phones are going to come out!).


A small tin of Vaseline is a beauty must have. Slick down those beautifully shaped eyebrows and use it over lippy to keep your face make up beautifully in place. For those enjoying our wilder outdoors activities such as coasteering as part of the Cliffhanger experience or paintballing Vaseline is great for preventing or treating chapped lips.


It doesn’t matter whether your weekend involves pubbing and clubbing or something more sultry like a Femme Fatale Burlesque party; laddered tights just aren’t going to cut the mustard. You’ll not feel your best with snagged lycra for a companion and again, those all so important hen night snaps don’t want to capture you looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. Keep a spare pair rolled up in your bag for emergencies and if you know you are prone to laddering or ripping buy tights or stay ups with a higher denier.

Waterproof Mascara

Whether you’re crying pure tears of joy, from side splitting laughter or expect to get a face full of spray when white water rafting the panda look is not a good one. Either leave out the mascara or invest in some top quality waterproof stuff to keep you looking fabulous throughout.

Water, Water and More Water

When you go on holiday you eat what you like and drink what you like and a hen do is no different. If you find yourself pigging out or eating different food to normal you know what might happen….. spots. If you want to eat, drink and be merry go for it but drink as much water as you can to keep you hydrated and your skin clear.

Hair SOS

A windy walk in Wales or a head spinning night with your dancing girls at an Abba Experience is going to do nothing for your hair. Unless you’ve brought all of your styling gadgetry you are going to need some quick fixes for when out and about. Pack a purse with some anti-frizz serum for any activities involving water if you are prone to frizz, some travel sized hair spray, a mini brush or comb and a variety of grips and ties for on the spot hair repair wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

When you look nice you feel good and our hen packages are all about providing everything you need to make sure you have an unbeatably fabulous weekend.

Father in Law Friendly Stag Do Ideas

by Chris26. June 2014 14:14

Father in Law Friendly Stag Do Ideas

Sorry lads, if the groom wants his future father in law to be part of the stag do it really might be worth thinking again on booking any of our lap dancing packages.

While the fab Father in Law (FiL) might be more of one of the lads that you’d have expected you know there would also be the risk of him spilling the beans to some of the naughtier behaviour if he was feeling guilty (or the groom was in the bad books).

Having the FiL along however does not mean that you can’t have a really wicked weekend. With so many experiences and activities to choose from you know that we have something perfect for everyone.

You’re Having a Laff!

For side splitting fun which definitely can’t get anyone in trouble how about one of our Comedy Club packages? For an evening of side-splitting laughter, great views of the stage and pitchers of great tasting beer this night has it all. Well-known acts who travel the UK on the comedy circuit are more than happy to humiliate the groom (in a good way of course) once they realise you are on a stag do and Pops will love it.

Chase the Bunny

One of our popular London FiL friendly packages is the Chase the Bunny experience which includes a trip to the dog racing. While this particular package does include a trip on the party bus and onto a lap dancing club we allow stags to “tweak” their package when booking you could remove the riskier element here and add in something more suitable for everyone.

P-P-P-P-Poker Night

What isn’t to love about a night at the casino? Make like James Bond, enjoy your martinis shaken, not stirred and enjoy a high brow night of gambling and fun. Our Newcastle casino package will have you enjoying playing with lady luck in your own private game inside a swanky city casino. Once the game is over all stags and FiL can take themselves back into the casino to enjoy the array of games on offer.

Deep Sea Fishing

If half a day out on a boat fishing and trying your luck against mackerel, bass, conger eels and even mini sharks (Tope) sounds like your kind of activity than guess what? Yes we can sort that too.

The experienced captain is happy to take a maximum of twelve stags at a time onto his boat and of course life jackets will be provided. While he can’t guarantee you’ll get the catch of the day he will set you up with the best chance of catching something and set the scene for a great fun blokey day out.

Having the FiL along needn’t be a handicap at all and what better way to get to know the other special man in the bride’s life than over some seriously good fun activities, beer and some cracking food.

Exploring Your Love of the Outdoors on Your Stag Do

by Chris10. June 2014 14:48

When it comes to choosing the right stag do for you or if you are the best man and are looking for something perfect for your best mate it is important to choose something the groom is going to enjoy. Stag dos are about making memories, having a laugh and not dragging yourself around a city of bars if what you really want is spend the weekend outdoors enjoying yourself in the fresh air.

We have a number of great activities which can be booked as part of our pre-set or bespoke packages which will tick all of the boxes for the lover of the great outdoors.

First up is the River Rush package out of North Wales. For the adventure packed weekend out and about this is a great contender. Enjoy gorge walking, white water rafting and a few local ales in the pub nearby. Your accommodation would include two nights in a country pub hotel with breakfast included and as much fresh air as you could handle.

For those who enjoy more sports-led activities we have a range of things to choose from including Dodgeball. Ok this isn’t strictly speaking an outdoors event however it might be an idea to walk off all those dodgeball hits outside afterward (otherwise known as the dodgeball walk of shame). This isn’t any ordinary mundane dodgeball game which will take you back to your school days, we’ve cranked it up a notch and have arranged for 2 hour sessions playing a variety of team games such as dodgeball, bull dogs and much more. Your host from UK Dodgeball will be on hand to keep the fun (and laughter!) going throughout.

If what you really need however is an action packed, laughter filled and energetic activity in the great outdoors then one of our extreme paintballing weekends could be just what you are looking for. Don your gear, crank up the adrenaline and enjoy the type of day that leaves your lungs burning from the fresh air activity and sides aching with laughter.

Last but not least, as we offer many more outdoorsy type packages, you could choose one of our clay pigeon shooting days, Smoking Barrels. A qualified instructor will help you get started and be on hand to keep the session going, and safe. The satisfaction of blasting those discs really is something else.

Needless to say, whatever you fancy we have the perfect weekend for you.

Top Tips for Avoiding Stag Do Regret

by Chris29. May 2014 11:22

Your stag do should be an event which you remember for the rest of your life for the right reasons, not because you ended up in jail or because years later your now wife is still punishing you for something that happened on that fateful weekend. Have fun but be smart by following our top tips for avoiding stag do regret.

Ban Photography

What happens on the stag weekend should stay on the stag weekend. Of course a group of fellas out and about on the town, at a lap dancing club or a casino is not going to cause problems later if your bride-to-be knows about them in advance and has given you the nod. If however some happy clappy “friend” with a camera phone posts that picture of you flashing people or with your head in someone’s cleavage for your mother in law to see…..

Seriously though, drunken pictures of you all over social media could get you into trouble later. Just say no and ban camera phones.

Safeguard Against Pranks

Pranks are traditional and should be expected when it comes to stag nights. It is important to remember that a mild but very funny planned prank can get a little, or a lot out of hand when the drink gets flowing. Nominate one (or two!) people you can trust to make sure you don’t end up with shaved eyebrows two weeks before the wedding, especially if you don’t expect to be in a sober enough state to protect yourself.

Book the Stag Do You Want

If you want to enjoy a golfing weekend, archery or a deep sea fishing trip then go for it; it is your weekend after all. As our packages are tweakable you can make sure that you have activities you as the groom would enjoy rather than booking something that everyone else might say they want but you really don’t fancy. We haven’t had any complaints, even when stags have said initially that they’d have preferred something more or less active before the weekend has got started. In fact our feedback has always been fantastic so don’t regret your stag do, choose what you really want to do and let us take care of everyone else.

Don’t Sleep With the Stripper

This one is self-explanatory hopefully. Just don’t do it, it isn’t worth it. If you’ve got to the stage where you are on your stag do you have already decided to settle down with someone that you love, why risk ruining that?

Stomach Pumping is Not Fun

Drink and be merry, dance, eat, dance some more and drink some more. Have a great stag weekend but be drink aware and know when to stop. Alcohol poisoning is no joke and when drinking gets out of hand people can get hurt. If you ask married men what their biggest stag regret was they would probably tell you that it was the three day hangover or that they were too drunk to remember what was supposed to be their memorable weekend!

And The Top Tip For Avoiding Stag Do Regret….

Don’t book with anyone else; you will most definitely be missing out if you do.

Hen Night Budgeting… Sorted

by Chris20. May 2014 14:00

Hen Night Budget

Weddings are expensive regardless of whether you are having a small intimate ceremony or a “bells and whistles” affair. Unless you have an unlimited wedding purse it is important to watch your spending as it could very quickly get out of hand, as many brides before you can confirm.

We understand the financial pressures that wedding planning may put you and your other half under and so we have adapted our hen weekend packages to make it easier than ever to afford, budget for and enjoy a world class hen weekend without a world class price ticket.

Pay Only For What You Really Want

The problem with choosing any type of package is that if there is something as part of the deal that you aren’t keen on often you are pretty much stuck with it. This means you might end up paying for something that really doesn't float your boat. We are the hen and stag weekend company that are different. We have set packages which mostly tick all of the boxes just as they are however for those who are looking for something slightly different it is now possible to tweak packages so that you may enjoy and pay for only what you really want.

Keeping Booking Simple

Complicated booking processes can be a pain in the behind and are often confusing. We have streamlined our booking process so that it is clear exactly what you are paying for, when you have to pay and how you may pay. We just don’t understand why people in business make things difficult for their customers when clearly keeping it simple is a winner?

Pay a Low Deposit

With florists, cake makers, venues and bridal shops all requiring steep deposits couples may face a blistering hit to their budget from day one. To make things a little easier we only ask for a £50 deposit and a rough estimate of how many people will be attending. Six weeks before the actual weekend we ask for guest number confirmation and the rest of the payment which makes life (and your bank balance) much happier.

Don’t End Up Paying For Everyone Else

We’ve all been there, everyone says they are going, some pay, some don’t, some part pay and you end up in a right muddle and get to the stage where you half consider cancelling whatever the event is. With our packages it couldn’t be easier as it is all done online. You may invite people online, they can pay online (and you can track this) and there are even digital ways to send a subtle reminder for those who need to get organised and cough up. The weekend is supposed to be fun, not about juggling people’s payments and keeping track.

Be Confident in Our Protection

We offer complete financial protection for your weekend so that even in the highly unlikely event of something unthinkable happening that you won’t end up out of pocket. We do this because the Package Travel Regs 1992 tell us to and because it is best practice. You know that nothing will happen but of course knowing your money is protected is one less pre-wedding thing to think about.

Be sure that when you book with us you’ll not only have access to unbeatable activity packages, classes, nights out, meals and more; you’ll also be able to tick worrying about the financial side of the hen night off your no-doubt very large to-worry about list.

The Hen’s Guide to Reducing Pre-Wedding Tension

by Chris12. May 2014 10:39

hen weekends

Once you set the date quite often wedding planning is like a ball rolling down a hill, it is unstoppable. It will come as no surprise to you if you’ve already started organising your big day that while some aspects are fun (such as trying on dresses and cake tasting!) others are enough to have you tearing your hair out.

There is your venue to sort out, your dress, invitations, a seating plan, the bridesmaids, the honeymoon, flowers, food….. it is a wonder that more brides and grooms don’t get half way through the planning and decide to up sticks and elope quietly somewhere. We understand how stressful the pre-wedding period may be and so offer these nuggets of advice.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Your wedding day will not be perfect because you have cried your way through weeks of arrangements; it will be perfect because you will be showing your friends and family just how much you love your partner as you are both joined together as part of a lovely ceremony. Don’t kill yourself over tiny details or make yourself ill worrying about how things will turn out. It will be fine.

Budget Carefully

Wedding costs very quickly get out of hand. Make sure that you work out carefully in advance what you can realistically afford and use this budget to organise a fabulous day which won’t leave you spending your first months or years as a married couple in debt. Knowing what you have in the pot in advance and sticking your budget helps to keep the money related stress levels down.

When it comes to your hen weekend the beauty of booking with us is that you know exactly what you all need to pay in advance, that you pay before you go and that you can only then spend on drinks and extras what you’ve taken with you (which has been budgeted for). Just remember to leave the plastic at home.

Don’t let Yourself Reach Boiling Point

Killing your mother in law to be over flowers or a seating arrangement chart will probably cause some major disruptions to your wedding planning schedule. Make sure you take breaks from planning to blow off steam, to relax and to spend some proper non-wedding related time with your other half.

For ultimate steam blowing we have some fantastic action-packed hen weekends for you to choose from such as our Wet n Wild experience (gorge walking), Red Hot Racers (fast paced karting) and much more.

If you’ve had more than enough of rushing about and what you really crave is some rest and relaxation why not enjoy a spa experience with your hens or a more sedate, yet just as fun, activity such as nude life drawing, perfume making or even our mouth-watering Chocolate Heaven event?

Just Breathe….

Don’t get bogged down with the details when we can help you by arranging everything you want for your hen night. Similarly remember that bridesmaids, friends, family and of course your Groom are all there ready and willing to help you, so let them. You might actually enjoy the wedding planning once you’ve got the hang of delegating.

The Stag Guide to Beating the Pre Wedding Stress Build Up

by Chris25. April 2014 14:29

When it comes to wedding you’d think (especially if you’d ever picked up a bridal magazine) that the bride to be has everything to plan, everything to organise, worry about and pay for. That simply isn’t the case.

Recognising that the run up to the big day may be stressful for the groom too we’ve put together these tips for letting off steam, keeping it cool and not getting bogged down on the run up to what should be a truly joyful occasion.

Have a To Do List

Lists may be an absolute pain, especially when they are packed with things for you to do however what is worse is forgetting to do something or having a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you should have done something but can’t remember what that was.

To make sure you keep on the straight and narrow sit down with your intended and divvy up the tasks so that you both know what is what and can discuss details and make sure you are on the same page.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Weddings are expensive; there is no two ways about that. The important thing is to set a budget at the beginning and stick to it. Be realistic about what you are able to afford and then you won’t spend precious time panicking about finances when what you should be doing is looking forward to saying your vows.

One of the many reasons that our stag nights are so popular is that you know what there is to pay, you pay for it in advance, food, entertainment and accommodation is included and all you have to cough up for during the weekend is your drink money, transport and any extras.

Don’t be a Control Freak

The magic word when it comes to planning any big event is delegation. Let your best man help out (this is where having a list of tasks helps) and reduce the often huge amount of tasks you have to get through when it comes to wedding planning. Letting others take care of some of the details really does take some of the pressure off which is why when it comes to organising your stag do, we’ve got your back. All you and your stags have to do is decide where, when and what you fancy doing (bespoke packages are available). We will book everything, sort out VIP club passes and everything else on your behalf so you just have to turn up and enjoy.

Blow Off Steam Now and Again

The key to surviving the run up to the wedding day is to blow off steam. Spend quality non-wedding related time together (no flowers or cake must be mentioned), take time to do something that will help you blow off steam such as taking a break when things get fraught (go for a run perhaps?) or plan a night out with the boys.

The ultimate stress reliever is of course a stag do which relaxes you or gives you the opportunity to go a bit wild. If what you really need is a golfing experience where you can kick back and enjoy some quiet-ish time with your stags then we can sort that. If you want to shoot things we have paintballing, clay pigeon shooting and more and of course, a blistering good night out on the town in some of the UK’s top cities is always easy to arrange.

About Escape

Escape is one of the original Stag & Hen Weekend agencies and since starting up in 2001 we have arranged weekend packages for thousands of happy customers. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of customer service and that your stag or hen weekend will be organised down to the last detail and offer great value for money.

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