3 Crazy Types of Football

by Chris28. July 2015 15:34

Contrary to what you’d probably assume, football is not our national sport. England’s national sport is in fact cricket. The argument over which half time snack is more English, cucumber sandwiches or meat and potato pies, is never ending but what I can tell you is that it doesn’t matter… nationally we love football, even if it’s not quintessentially English, it is our most popular sport.

Considering that football is so popular it’s a pretty good choice for a stag weekend activity. When you’re away for a stag weekend of fun standard football doesn’t always quite cut it. It’s a special occasion and sometimes it requires something a little more special than your average kick about.

Bubble Football

Bubble football or Zorb Football is exactly the same as normal football. The only difference is that all the players in this game have to wear huge inflatable balls covering the entire top half of their body. Everyone’s legs are free to attempt play the beautiful game and fouling is very much part of it. It’s a good chance to get the better of players who normally shine because being a good player does not necessarily mean you’ll be any good at Bubble football. Think bumper cars playing football… and everyone laughing their balls off.

Binocular Football

Another hilarious adaptation of the UK’s most popular sport is Binocular football. Again, pretty much all the rules of normal football apply but your stag party will wearing thick lensed googles that really impair your game. Depth perception will be a thing of the past and running in a straight line will be near impossible. You can forget everything you thought you could do with a ball. Leave those silky skills at home because you won’t even be able to take a penalty without taking a tumble!


Yeah, you guessed it… Football and Golf combined! It works like an average game of golf, however, the course is specifically adapted to accommodate a Mitre instead of a Titleist. Be prepared to swap golf balls for footballs, and clubs for legs! The holes are extra big to fit a size 5 football and the course is sized for the new craze that is Footgolf! It does sound a bit whacky but it really is good fun. It has the upper hand on the other two football variations as you can actually get really competitive about it… whereas with the others you’re just going to be rolling round on the pitch in stitches!

This is a great shout for a stag weekend, mostly so you can take a bit easy after a heavy night!

The Beautiful Game

Football is always a crowd pleaser. It is great as part of a stag weekend as an ice breaker, if the group doesn’t all know each other too well or if your group has a big age range. The crazy variations just add that extra special element to sport we already love!


Prague: Stag dos and what it’s like to fire an AK47

by Chris25. July 2015 15:14

We caught up with a young man who’d just been to Prague for a stag weekend. We spoke to him the morning he’d returned and he was quite hungover. We were impressed that he could string enough words together to answer. Fair play…

You've just got back from a stag do, where did you go?
We went to Prague in the Czech Republic.

What activity did the group enjoy most?
I don't know if it counts as a proper activity, but we did a pub crawl which was great, as we got to get to know the area a bit and didn't really have to worry about where we were going, so we could just concentrate on having a good time.

Did you eat anywhere that'd you'd recommend to other stag groups?
I can't remember the name of it, but opposite St. Clement's Cathedral there's a really prominent pub that does proper Czech food and beer for next to nothing.

Did you drink anywhere you'd recommend to other stag groups?
In terms of pubs, there's a tiny bar called the 'Zombie Bar' which is just off Wenceslas Square. It has karaoke and a decent drinks selection, which was enough to keep us happy. In terms of clubs, there's a place called Nebe that had cheap drinks and a great atmosphere.

What was the funniest moment?
On our first night we managed to get lost despite only living five minutes away from town, and someone had the bright idea of letting the stag, who was easily the most drunk of all of us, and who was still working his way through a bottle of spirits, lead us home. It took us about an hour before we even noticed we were lost, and by then we were too drunk to be that bothered.

What was the worst moment?
Waiting around at the airport with a hangover is never fun.

Did anyone do anything really embarrassing?
On one of the nights when we went clubbing, one of us got separated from the group, and when we eventually found him he had been cornered by two women who were aggressively dancing at him while he looked absolutely terrified, bless him.

Did you prank the stag?
We didn't prank him, but we made sure he was way more drunk than the rest of us… at all times. I think he may still be drunk now.

You did an underground shooting range experience? Tell us about it.
We weren't sure what to make of it going in, but it ended up being a right laugh. We were basically ushered into this underground bunker by an eccentric Russian guy, and got to take turns in his target range, after (and only after) which we were rewarded with beers. We then all took pictures of ourselves with the guns, like a bunch of hard men.

What guns did you fire?
We fired an AK 47 and a Shotgun of some description.

How did it make you feel?
It was crazy. I assumed it would be like an air rifle, but heavier, but its way more powerful than that. You become pretty safety conscious early on, as you realise how much damage you could do with something like that. I can definitely see why people go to shooting ranges as a hobby, though, you feel like a boss for the rest of the day.

What's the best thing about Prague?
Probably just the fact that there's always something to do, day or night. Whether you feel like going out to eat in the day, seeing some touristy stuff or pulling an all-nighter, the city's pretty accommodating and everything is so cheap.

What's the worst thing about Prague?
I think part of this comes with being a stag party heavy city, but at night you can't walk down the street without guys trying to persuade you to visit their strip club. It’s alright but it’s a little jarring having people trying to get you to spend your money all the time, you have to ignore them because if you say ‘maybe later, mate’ they don’t give up!

How much money did you take and was it enough?
I took £200 in CZK, and ended up bringing back nearly half of that after being there for four nights, despite eating out every day and going out every night

How much is beer?
Beer tends to be just over a pound, however they also sell beer by the litre in many pubs at similarly cheap prices so it's often better to buy in bulk. Beer is actually cheaper than water in Prague, so fill your boots.

If you could do anything differently what would it be?
I didn't need to bring as much money as I thought, we all definitely underestimated how cheap everything is in Prague.

Would you have packed differently in retrospect?
I forgot to bring a plug adapter. If you're travelling from the UK, you need one which converts to a two pronged plug, like you get in most European countries.

How was your stag party received?
Prague is very welcoming to stag parties and tourists in general. English is widely spoken, and people seem happy to help you with anything you're unsure about.

If you could only do one thing that you did what would it be?
We had a couple of days where we would have a pub crawl throughout the day, and that was really good but the guns in the bunker were just amazing. Either one of those I can’t really choose!

Give us 3 tips for traveling in Prague?
1- You will never eat or drink this cheaply ever again, make the most of it.
2- The rules around tipping after a meal are more or less the same as in the UK, so don't panic.
3- See if there's anything going on in any of the parks when you're there. A lot of them will have huge beer gardens which show sport or live music, and they have an awesome atmosphere.

What will you take from Prague?
Not all of the group knew one another, so I've definitely made some friends that I didn't have before.

What will you leave in Prague?
I think we left a sizeable contribution to the Czech beer industry.

Weird New Sports: Manchester United, Quidditch, and The Rise of Footgolf?!

by Chris20. July 2015 15:01

New sports normally sound a bit silly... remember when everyone was going on about Ultimate Frisbee? Most people thought that was a bit silly. Now, most universities in the UK have an Ultimate Frisbee team. Then again, a lot of them also have Quidditch teams.

Quidditch in Universities

No joke. The University of Oxford, the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University, and Swansea University all have Quidditch Teams. The teams are made up of 7 players with 4 different positions. The team is made up of 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, a Keeper, and a Seeker. Two opposing sides fight it out for the win. To win a Quidditch match you must score more points than the opposing team. There is way too much to explain here; I think it gets the majority of a chapter in the J.K. Rolling novel. Even if you don’t understand the game it’s easy to see that it caught on because people love the Harry Potter books and films. Sports that aren’t supported by a huge franchise normally require a little more patience to grab attention…

The Birth of New Sports

There's two main boxes a new sport has to tick. It has to be fun, and it has to be recognisable. Obviously, you know why it needs to be fun, but the need to be recognisable is a little less clear. A new sport has to be recognisable in two ways... It has to have a recognisable aim in accordance with other sports, like the smallest score to win a round of golf, or the biggest score to win a game of football or rugby. It also has to have some recognisable originality. New sports can't be too close to an existing sport because people will just think “what’s the point in this new one? We’ve already got that!”

The Rise of Footgolf

A sport that is rising in popularity is Footgolf. It is definitely a popular choice for our stag weekends and more and more courses are popping up around the country.

Footgolf is a mixture of two sports people know very well. This means it’s very easy to understand and people almost instantly know how to play… getting good is a different story though!

The game is scored like golf, therefore the aim of the game is get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots. However, there are no golf balls or golf clubs, these are replaced by a size 5 football and your legs! The game is played on a specially designed Footgolf course which is pretty similar to a standard golf course. The main differences are the large cups at the flags to accommodate the size 5 football and the length of the holes. The average hole on a Footgolf course is around 160 yards whereas on a standard golf course hole can range from anything around 100 to 600 yards.

Manchester United Try Out Footgolf

Something that really helps with recognition is a famous face or two. And the new sport footgolf has had that helping hand from Manchester United's finest. Defenders Evans and Smalling, battled it out against attacking midfielders Mata, and Hererra in a round of footgolf! It was the UK verses Spain. Despite some surprisingly silky skills from Johnny Evans, Mata showed the rest of them how it was done with a crazy display of technique that words simply cannot do justice.

Try Footgolf

If you’re intrigued, or even an established player, we offer Footgolf as one of our stag weekend activities. Go on, give it a go!


3 Whacky Stag Do Activities

by Chris15. July 2015 14:31
Whacky Stag Ideas

When people think stag do, they always think strippers and night clubs. Don’t get us wrong, that tried and tested formula never fails, however, stag parties can be pretty varied and sometimes require something a little different; either to complement the titillation and intoxication or in place of it.

But what can you do on a stag do? Obvious ones come to mind, like paintballing, go karting, or ten pin bowling. Our feeling is that stag dos can be anything you want them to be. In the same way you can have whatever wedding you want, you should be able to have whatever stag do you want as well!

At the end of the day, as long as you’re celebrating with your mates there should be no preconceived ideas about what a stag do is, it’s yours and you should be able to do whatever the hell you like!

Zombie Apocalypse

We’ve all watched action movies and thought… yeah I’d probably be alright, but have you ever actually put your survival skills to the test? Shooting Ranges are often part of stag do packages, and they always go down well. Our Zombie Apocalypse activity gives you all the skills you’d need to survive any threat coming from the living dead! You get a round of assault rifle practise, and even get to shoot some zombie brains out! In the middle of the apocalypse you’d be very lucky to have a gun. You’d have to use anything you could lay your hands on. But we’ve got that covered; with a session on axe throwing! You should get the hang of it pretty quickly but the men will be separated from the boys when you start trying to work on your accuracy!

A crossbow is a pretty underestimated weapon, and you’d be blessed to have one if you were under threat. It’s basically an automatic long bow, and you’ll see what damage it can do when you have it in your hands!

You’d think that would be enough to keep you safe, right? Well, better to be safe than sorry, and go overkill with the deadly weapons… there’s also archery, and clay archery to be a total master of zombie killing!

Did I mention there’s explosive targets?

You should basically use the day to work out which ones of your stag party would die in a zombie apocalypse. Now you think you don’t care… but trust us, it gets hilariously competitive!

(If you’re looking for a less intensive day you can actually do the activities separately!)

West Country Games

Sometimes it’s nice to do something that doesn’t make any sense, although, if these games aren’t new to you… your guaranteed to enjoy yourself. The activity is overseen by Farmer Giles and his Minxy Milk Maids… think the Polish Eurovision entry from 2014. They’ll put you through a rigorous trial of welly wanging, tractor tyre rolling, pitchfork duels, cider runs and other West Country inspired challenges. However, you’ll probably be laughing too much at the rest of your mates to keep track of who’s winning any of the games!

It’s a Knockout

Remember the It's a Knockout show? Of course you do! You can try and navigate obstacle courses using big inflatables, props and costumes from the original 1970s show! You’ll be doing all these whacky activities with a load of other stag and hen parties which can be pretty interesting.

What will you decide?

Some people want to experience something new, something they will never do again, and others just want to do something they’ll never forget. The hardest part is deciding on something!

How Not To Behave On A Flight: Dirty Sanchez’s Pritchard Pees on The Expendables’ Lundgren

by Chris13. July 2015 14:04

Drinking on a plane is a weird experience. Having a little beer is something most of our Stag Parties do on route to their wild weekend but it’s not where you’d expect them to get rowdy. The flight is something you try and get through in order to enjoy your weekend away, not really the start of the party, but for Matthew Pritchard of Dirty Sanchez it all just got a little bit too weird and out of hand.

Pritchard, who was on his way to the Gumball 3000 race in Las Vegas, has certainly outdone himself for unruly behaviour this time. He decided to take Xanax to help him sleep on the flight, however, he also consumed an excessive amount of alcohol which caused him to black out…

“I had a lot of alcohol and blacked out” said the Dirty Sanchez Star.

After, the Welshman had consumed the dangerous cocktail of substances he preceded to take off all of his clothes and climb all over the seats before his main act of unexplainable behaviour. After wandering around the plane naked for some time and climbing over peoples seats he relieved himself on the feet of The Expendables’ hard man, Dolph Lundgren. That he urinated on anyone is ludicrous, that it happened to be the Hollywood actor and Martial Artist, Lundgren, is just unbelievable.

What is more unbelievable, however, is Lundgren’s reasonable and gracious reaction to Pritchard’s apology. The muscle bound, man mountain, that is the maniac with brains, ‘Gunner’ in the Expendables film franchise, reportedly shook Matt’s hand and told him not to worry about it.


We would have expected a high octane response, or at least a disgruntled one. It’s nice to know that Lundgren is such a reasonable bloke; we don’t know many who would have reacted like that!

And the Hollywood world moves on… but what have we learnt from Pritchard’s Trouser Snake on a Plane scandal…

Well, there’s four things you should never do on a flight:
1. Mix sleeping pills with alcohol.
2. Take off all of your clothes.
3. Wee on someone from The Expendables.
4. Sit anywhere near Matt Pritchard.

If the first three are news to you, well done for surviving long enough to read this!

Our advice to our stag parties is to just avoid sleeping tablets all together, none of our weekends away involve long haul flights anyway, so you should be able to cope. Don’t get rowdy on a flight because you won’t be able to get away with as much as man whose job it is to do pretty insane and disgusting things – he ate a ‘vomit omelette’ once. We are sure you’re all sensible enough to know when you can stop being sensible; immediately after you’ve had your boarding passes checked is not the time and you know it!






Top 4 Simple Hen Do Party Games

by Chris10. July 2015 13:25
hen party games

We’re all used to children’s party games but when it comes to adult parties we’re all a bit stuck for ideas. At Escape Trips, we’re really passionate about keeping fun alive! All too often party games for adults are just drinking games but there’s fun to be had with or without a tipple! With this is mind we thought we’d offer up a few ideas for Hen Do party games. Let’s get stuck into some immature fun!

Chubby Bunny

What you need: many marshmallows... Get enough marshmallows to make you feel ill, and put them in a big bowl in the middle of the Hen Party. You all take turns to put a marshmallow in your mouth and then say 'chubby bunny'. Sounds easy? Well, you have to leave the marshmallows in your mouth and add to each time, the aim of the game is to be the one with the most marshmallows in your mouth. You have to say 'chubby bunny' after each one you put in, if one falls out or if you can't say chubby bunny your out!! Eating is definitely cheating!

Granny Pants Balloon Relay

What you need: 2 teams, 2 pairs of huge granny knickers and a balloon each. Split the hen party into two evenly numbered teams, you have a pair of big granny pants for each team and each person in each team has a balloon. The winning team is the team that pops all their balloons first. Okay so what's the catch? Well, it's a relay race so you line up, the first person puts the pants on and puts the balloon in the pants anywhere they'd like, they have to pop it against the next person in line, once its popped you have to take off the knickers and pass them on to the next person so they can pop there's with the next person in line and so on. The last person must take the pants off and hold them in the air to finish the relay. Polite reminder: you might want to just wear the pants over clothes if you want to avoid very uncomfortable situations! You would think that would go without saying… but you can never bank on it!

Pass the Prophylactic Parcel

What you need: some music and a nominated DJ (someone who can press play and pause), a lot of naughty prizes, and some wrapping paper. We all know what pass the parcel is but it needs to be a bit more grown up for a hen do, right? Well, that's pretty easy to achieve. Make a playlist of the hen's favourite music, get a lot of condoms, lube sachets, and naughty prizes and you know the rest… just wrap them up! We think slowly getting naughtier and increasing the quality of the prize as you get to the middle is a good idea too!

True, True, False

What you need: paper, pens and a bit of honesty! Give each of the Hen Party a piece of paper and pen and get them to anonymously write down 3 bits of information about themselves; 2 true, 1 false. Put these all in a bowl or hat and get the hen to pick out the pieces one by one, each time you pull out of piece of paper you must guess who it belongs to and once you've got that you have to then guess which one is the lie out of the 3 statements!

Michele Keegan Sexist Woman In The World: “Chained to a lamppost naked” on her hen do?

by Chris29. June 2015 14:53

Recently, we were impressed with Mark Wright’s decision to have 3 stag dos but Michelle Keegan isn't letting her husband-to-be have all the fun... she’s having 3 hen dos herself! Her first was a weekend partying in Dubai with her family and friends.

Before the weekend getaway she told reporters that it was likely to be a messy one, and that someone could end up chained naked to a lamppost “knowing her mates”. It's nice to see the sexiest woman in the world, an accolade recently given to her by FHM, having a bit of fun – and not just leaving it to the lads!

Michelle arrived at the Manchester airport in true hen party style... with a novelty veil and a white t-shirt with ‘Keegs’ on the reverse! The group had matching personalised 'Shell's girls' pink t-shirts with nicknames like ‘Big Bird’, ‘Baby’, ‘Jlo’ and ‘Twitter Legend’ printed across their backs! The party consisted of just under 30 ladies and included mother the bride to be and future mother-in-law.

The group spent for nights at the Grosvenor House Hotel – complimentary! That’s right, they paid nothing to stay there! Room prices start from around £200 per night so they really made a saving. We imagine a lot of cash was splashed at the bar; you’d like to think so anyway! There was definitely some hard-core partying going on with Mark’s sister Jess tweeting about ‘wild after-parties’ by the pool and other shenanigans!

Michelle Keegan told This Morning that her and Mark were having a couple of hen/stag parties in the UK and one each aboard – we think that’s the way to do it! And that's been the trend recently. Due to the multitude of different types of stag and hen dos you can have, combining a few to suit everyone seems to be the norm. We can see how this has become the case…

Over time the stag do has moved further and further away from the wedding and has become few nights and days instead of just a solitary evening. However, the tradition of that last quiet drink with family and friends before tying the knot has remained alongside the weekend stag do. We believe it should, and we believe it’s because due to involving the family. Men want to celebrate their last days before marriage with their father’s and uncles, and women want to celebrate theirs with their mother’s and aunties… due to the raucous nature of a long of stag and hen weekends that isn’t always a great idea!

As well as this the Hen Do has got more and more popular over time. As well as its popularity it has increasingly become akin to a Stag Do; a weekend away with the girls enjoying some male entertainment is not only accepted but expected nowadays.

If sweet soap star Michelle Keegan is partying hard for the weekend then I don't think there's anything to be ashamed of. Why let the boys have all the fun, eh ladies?



The Social Life of Soldier: An Interview With A Squaddie

by Chris18. June 2015 13:49

A lot of our customers work in the armed forces and they’ve been reaping the benefits of our rewards for forces offer. We took the chance to catch up with one of the soldiers who’s recently booked with us about his everyday life in the army…

What’s your favourite thing about being a soldier?
I don’t know really, they pay well, provide tons of career development opportunities and really take care of people when they need it so I'd say that.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done on a night out?
Um, nothing really, I’m the sensible one that organises everything… I did wee myself once.

What’s the stupidest thing you've ever done on a night out?
Probably that, I was looking at a toilet. I just was too drunk to undo my belt.

Have you had any encounters with strippers?
Yeah, I had a lap dance at work mate’s birthday party once, it’s a something to do before you die definitely. It’s an experience! I’m sure it won’t be the last…

What is it like coming back from a tour and adjusting to civilian life?
Harder than you'd think, everything changes and everyone's gotten so used to you being gone you kind of don't feel like you belong anymore which was weird. And you go from doing like really important, high stress life and death kind of stuff every day to just doing nothing which kind of throws you as well.

How do you and your misses’ cope being apart when you’re away at work?
Alright I guess, she doesn't mind too much, I mean it sucks and it obviously creates pressure but nothing we can't handle but it's the trade-off for all the perks mentioned earlier really, so we understand.

Have you ever heard about rewards for forces?
Yeah every squaddie has, or at least I think so! There’s all the military discount in shops as well, I try everywhere. It’s the reason we booked with escape trips, great deal!

Do you get any special attention or special treatment on a night out because you’re a soldier?
not really, I try to avoid mentioning it as you either get called a baby killer by some or told how great you are if the persons too drunk.

What's the sexiest thing about being in the army?
I really wouldn't say there's anything particularly sexy about the army. My misses likes the uniform, I think!

What's the most mundane thing about being in the army?
Weapon cleaning is pretty boring I guess.

What's the grossest thing you've ever seen or had to do in the army?
Haha, I'd rather not have to answer that question.

Who's your celebrity crush?
Haha, that’s a hard one. I haven’t been asked that for a while, I always used to say Katy Perry… so I guess Katy Perry. California girls are undeniable, right?

Who's your wildest work colleague and why?
In my particular trade you don't get overly wild people more just irresponsible. Does that make me sound like I’m judging people? It’s just an important job, and I care about it! I’ve heard some pretty wild stories, but personally I've seen people eat the chunks out of sick with a fork before if that counts?

Shall we leave it on that horrific note?
Yeah, probably, I hope that’s nothing to go by for the stag weekend…

Good luck!
I think I might need it, cheers!

Why Do People Get Engaged: Inside the head of a man who’s just proposed

by Chris29. May 2015 12:22

Why Propose

We spoke to 23 year old plumber, Curtis, who’s just popped the question to his girlfriend, Alice. We wanted to know a bit more about what prompts people to pop the question. Be warned… he’s pretty loved up! So let’s have a ganders, shall we?

Obviously you’re in love with your fiancé, but what triggered in your mind to make you pop the question?

I guess I just wanted to act on what I feel. I wanted to show my devotion. I wanted to show to her how much she means to me and how serious I was about spending the rest of my life with her. I guess it’s just a serious way to commit yourself self to your other half.

Had you spoke about marriage together before?

Yeah we had spoken about it before. I've told her that I want to be with her forever and wanted to do it officially. I often got her to look in jewellery shops windows at rings and stuff to get ideas as well… couldn’t be getting that wrong could I?

No, do you think she’d say no if you got the wrong ring?

Ha-ha, No! But I didn’t want to waste my money on something I’d just have to exchange!

How did you get together and how long has it been?

We met in weather spoons and there was a definite instant attraction. It was physical and like mental… she was beautiful and really easy to talk to. Then we went out for a bit, had some dates, you know, and it just seemed natural. Like the whole time I found it easy to talk to her and comfortable which is really unlike me. It's been nearly a year and 3 months.

I suppose if that’s unlike you, you must have felt something different? But how did you know it was the right thing to do… pop the question, I mean?

Yeah. I knew it was the right thing to do because I love her. She’s just really cool. I’d would do anything for her and feel pretty strongly about that. We can work any problem out together.

How did you propose?

I planned to ask her when we went on holiday. I just thought it would be nice and romantic but had bought the ring already and just couldn't wait! So I asked her on a Sunday morning, a couple of weeks ago, I told her I loved her and wanted to be with her for the rest of my life… went on one knee and asked her to marry me!

Aha, nice and simple. Were you nervous about asking?

I didn't feel nervous about asking beforehand. But when it came to actually doing it, I was stupidly nervous, not sure why, because I was sure she'd say yes but yeah I was like shaking it was that bad! I guess it was because I was pretty sure she’d say yes… but when you actually go to ask it makes you think there’s two possibilities!

So she said yeah? What was her reaction?

Yeah, her reaction was happy and excited! Can't say to much more because I'll sound like I'm bigging myself up, you'd have to ask her for a more detailed answer!

Oh, you’re going to have to get used to talking for each other now! How long do you think you'll wait to actually get married?

Ha-ha! I don’t know about that. We want to get married next summer.

Can you afford the wedding yet, or is that rude to ask?

We can afford it. So I’ll let it slide. Not sure what else to say about that!

What appeals to you about married life?

Being married appeals to me because I love Alice, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her and she's the most important thing to me. I know you don't need marriage to do all those things but I want to say those vows to her to dedicate myself to her officially.

What do think makes good marriage material in a guy and a girl?

Dedication, commitment, trust. Believing in each other no matter what. The common line people use in their vows; for better or for worse means a lot to me. You should support each other through thick and thin no matter how shit things get you should be there for each other. Kates already shown me she has all those qualities and I hope I've shown her too. Because of that I know I'm going to be with her for the rest of my life!

How would your stag and hen dos differ?

I don’t know, I think she may go more out there than me. I want a weekend away with the lads doing something fun, like active, outdoorsy stuff. You do those sort as well don’t you? I saw your stag package that’s got quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and paintballing I think? She might want something a bit more out there!

Yeah the Thrills and Spills one! I’m sure we’ll have something up her street too! Check it out. Thanks very much for sharing that with us. All the best for the Wedding!

Man Dies 28 Hours After His Wife: A Marriage Lasting 73 years!

by Chris28. May 2015 12:14

Some say romance is dead… some say the big love story is no more… and some say marriage is an outdated idea. We certainly disagree here at Escape Trips and so does this heart-warming story.

Helen and Joe Auer from Cincinnati, Ohio are proof that the nay-sayers are talking a load of rubbish.

The couple’s marriage lasted over 7 decades, through The Great Depression and World War II. The two raised 10 children, and have seen 16 Grandchildren, 29 Great-Grandchildren and 1 Great-Great-Grandchild come into the world.

Helen was pregnant with their second child when Joe – a D-Day Survivor -was called to fight in WW2. She sent him a picture of herself, their eldest and their new born child when Joe was in France; that was the first time he set eyes on his second eldest, Judy. He didn’t actually get to meet her until she was 3 years old!

The couple have now both passed away. Helen, 94, died peacefully in October of last year; Joe’s death followed only 28 hours later – 5 months after his 100th birthday. The children were unsurprised that their father’s death followed so quickly, saying that he could only last one night without her.

Following their death a mass funeral was held in the very same place that they’d got married 73 years earlier. According to the family the picture of his wife and two eldest children stayed in Joe’s wallet for the rest of his days and was reportedly buried with him.

According to one of their daughters, Mary Jo, her mother was the outgoing one of the two and always liked to be busy with her family. She said her Father, Joe, was passionate about the environment; he was re-cycling on the day he died. People spoke of him being a devoutly religious man who considered his children to be a gift from God to him and his wife.

The family admitted that the marriage had not always been easy. That raising 10 children, surviving war and enduring economic hardships had taken its toll on the marriage but they had always stuck together to get through.

At Escape Trips we meet people all the time that are embarking on the first steps into marriage and that’s a lovely position to be in. We see the smiles on people’s faces as they celebrate with their friends before the big day. Our customers are always very happy, sometimes a little stressed with planning, but always in a happy place in their lives. Perhaps it’s easy to forget the volume of successful marriages when you don’t work in business like ours. But stories like this can remind us all how amazing marriage can be!






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