The Escape Trips Hangover Guide

by Chris17. April 2014 11:57
Escape Hangover Guide

A good stag weekend and a hangover usually go hand in hand. We’ve asked a number of stags over the years what they do to avoid a hangover, what they do to aid recovery in the morning and what items are a must-have when it comes to putting together an emergency kit to take with you on your weekend away.

Avoiding a Hangover

  • Don’t drink too much in the first place (when we have a weekend packed with VIP club passes and experiences such as a casino night sometimes the excitement means stags forget to keep an eye on how many drinks they have).
  • Alternate soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, especially if you are in for a long night and don’t want to spend half of it with your head pointed at the porcelain bus (toilet).
  • Drink plenty of water before going to bed
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach and eat before bed if you can. Food ideas passed on by those in the know include salt and vinegar crisps, a beef and tomato Pot Noodle before bed (this is apparently quite magical), a Burger King Spicy Bean Burger or cheese and chips before hitting your accommodation and lots of flat diet coke.
  • Don’t mix drinks (so no crashing the hen’s cocktail making party!).

Surviving the Morning after the Night Before

  • A dissolvable vitamin C tablet
  • More water
  • Diet coke(flat)
  • A fry up (to soak up left over alcohol)
  • Eat a banana (the potassium apparently helps)
  • Sleeping with an eye mask (not convinced about this one as a cure however it might help you sleep longer if fellow stags don’t come and wake you up for the next adventure!)
  • Tiger balm or Vicks on the forehead (not near the eyes!)
  • Salty food
  • Dehydration sachets
  • A dark room and the promise of complete peace and quiet for at least twenty four hours

Must Have Hangover Kit Items

When you are packing to go to Leeds for our Pedal to the Metal racing experience or even Blackpool for some Grand National fun the one thing you definitely need (as well as clean undies) is a well-stocked hangover survival kit. Popular contents include:

  • Salted peanuts, crisps and snacks
  • Bottled water
  • Dehydration salts
  • Painkillers
  • Vitamin C in some form or another
  • A “snap” cold pack to ease your headache
  • Haribo sweets
  • Ear plugs
  • Breath mints for that morning-after beer mouth taste/smell that just won’t go away
  • Directions for somewhere close-by which will have bacon cooking all day
  • Diet coke (the flatter the better)
  • A £1 coin so even if you lose your mobile on your night out, you can still ring your Mum / other half for sympathy.

We haven’t tested any of these out so we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether they are for you. All joking aside though do take safety precautions when out on the town, such as leaving your keys at home, having taxi numbers available and know your limits and be drink aware.

Fun Games for a Hen Party Sleepover

by Chris8. April 2014 13:21
Hen Party Sleepover

Regardless of which of our packages you decide to enjoy you will have a choice of fabulous accommodation options as well as great places to eat to enjoy. Country houses with three star ratings, lovely B&Bs and more await you after you’ve been out and about on the town (perhaps as part of The Essential weekend?) or if you’ve been out in the countryside enjoying fresh air and many thrills with your party.

The party doesn’t have to end when you reach your room as a hen sleepover party always makes a great end to a day. Enjoy a Grease-style get-together before disappearing off happy but exhausted at the end of the night to sleep soundly in your own beds.

A large part of the fun when it comes to a hen night sleepover party is of course the games you play! If you have a nude butler there to serve you make sure he keeps the drinks flowing while you enjoy some these traditional (and often hilarious!) games.

Dress Up the Bride

This is definitely a game to play when everyone has had a drink or three! The hens need to split themselves into groups of no more than three and each group should be armed with items they can use to “dress” the bride up with and five minutes to do it in. Popular items include tin foil, toilet roll, sandwich wrap, anything glittery and or course lots and lots of sellotape. Photographs MUST be taken of course and the bride gets to choose which outfit she thinks her groom would like her in most!

Truth or Dare

No hen party is complete without a raunchy game of truth and dare. Of course the more people drink or the gigglier they get the worse (or better!) the confessions become. Write up dares in advance so that people can pull one out of a hat. This means dares will be inventive and funny but not over-silly or dangerous (we do tend to lose our sensible-selves when we get carried away on a night out!).

Build a Bloke

Use play-dough or modeling clay to build yourself a bloke. Work in teams or on your own but make sure that your bloke is as detailed as possible. Play against the clock and be sure of some hilarious results! For added laughter build your blokes when blindfolded.

Pin the Member on the Man

Move over pin the tail on the donkey, this x-rated version is the new favourite when it comes to hen weekend parties! Have a poster of a male model (perhaps with someone else’s face; Mr Bean would be a good choice) ready, a drawn willy, a pin, blindfold and plenty of room to spin each hen and set her and her penis picture in the right direction.


No party is complete without a game of six or charades. Needless to say the more you all play the more silly or downright barking (or naughty!) the actions and guesses will get!

Once you’ve completed your white water rafting challenge, enjoyed a day in the spa, hit the town and painted it red, green, purple and blue or enjoyed your beach riding experience keep the fun going with a hen sleepover and a collection of laugh-a-minute games.

Top Stag Do Costumes

by Chris21. March 2014 13:45

stag dressing up

We have a wide range of packages on offer. If you want to enjoy a poker evening, we are prepared. If you want to go white water rafting, we have that covered. If you want to drink yourself silly in top clubs and pubs with VIP access and excellent eating arrangements we have that in the bag for you. What we don’t do is supply costumes!

Hen parties often involve dressing up in some way or another and many stags have decided that anything she can do he can better, often with truly hilarious results. If you want to add an extra layer or fun to your stag party, not to mention the opportunity for some absolutely unbeatable photographs to treasure (or hide) then these top costume ideas could be just what you are looking for.

Lego Men

Who doesn’t love Lego? Dress up as Lego Men, complete with yellow heads (these can be hired or made), as a specific Lego character such as Lego Indiana Jones or one of the Lego Superheroes and hit the town. You’ll no doubt attract a crowd wherever you go.

Star Wars

Imagine hitting the town dressed as a storm trooper. The groom would of course be Darth Vader and we are sure that someone could be persuaded to be Master Yoda. Light Sabers are mandatory and with the Force within you you’ll no doubt conquer the drinking games that await you with ease.

Mankini Fun

This is perhaps a costume for one of our stag weekends abroad as the UK climate and a mankini doesn’t really work so well. If your group of stags are daredevils at heart and really enjoy a bit of “out there” fun then a collection of different colored mankinis, fake moustaches and sandals would be the ultimate costume choice for you.

Batman and Robin

The Groom would be Batman, obviously, the Best Man will don his coloured tights and cape and be Robin and the other stags get to choose which villain they get to dress as. With this fun collection of costumes stags can KAPPOW, and BIFF their way around the stag weekend.


I’m sure the Bride to be and her hens would love to help the stags by donating a collection of items to wear. Make sure you buy higher denier tights if you want to avoid ladders (I think we must have read this somewhere).

Pick a Letter

If you can’t agree on a theme as such pick a letter (or get the Groom to do it) and ask the stags to dress up as something starting with that letter. This is not only great fun and one perfect for getting the creative juices flowing; it is also probably the most budget-friendly stag do costume idea. Stags are free to spend as much or as little as they like and having chosen their own costumes everyone will feel comfortable with what they are wearing.

Dressing up is part and parcel of a cracking night out and many stags are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to choosing and putting together their outfits. We have a great number of weekend packages available everywhere from Bristol to Madrid so you have plenty of choice when it comes to top activities and unforgettable experiences. You get to choose the food you eat, the fun you have and the costumes you wear. Talk about a perfectly personalised stag do!

*Do bear in mind that if you have VIP passes to a club which states ”No jeans or trainers* as part of the dress-code that you probably won’t get in dressed as an adult-side Oompa Loompa

Choosing Wedding Party Gifts

by Chris7. March 2014 14:36

Wedding Gifts

Organising your wedding should be enormous fun however it may occasionally become quite overwhelming. There are outfits, venues, invitations, chasing RSVPs and much more. One of the trickier tasks is organising gifts for the wedding party as these need a lot of thought and quite a bit of shopping around.

Fortunately booking a hen weekend with us is a lot simpler as everything is arranged and organised for you. These gift ideas should help you tick off the gift buying from your listing and then you can concentrate on which of our hen packages you fancy.

The Groom

What you buy the groom depends on his personality. Are you the kind of couple who would go for a traditional gift of jewellery, a personalised leather briefcase or similar? Perhaps you are sci-fi fans in which case a fun Star Wars gift could be in (we feel there should be a Yoda at every wedding). If the groom is the adventurous type and has had the good taste to book one of our stag weekends then perhaps an experience package to be enjoyed after the honeymoon could be just the thing?

The Best Man

You can have a lot of fun with best man gifts, depending on what his sense of humour is like. We’ve seen beautiful, ahem, ball scratchers in silver that are engraved, toy flying aeroplanes or helicopters, novelty cufflinks and more.

If you are looking for something a little more respectable then perhaps a watch, an engraved tankard, something that represents his favourite hobby (keep it clean!) or a hip flask.

The Mothers

Whatever you do, make sure that the gift you give your mother is as nice as the gift you give your mother in law and vice versa. The fallout from that particular wedding faux pas could be atomic so tread carefully. Something engraved and personal to each mother is always a great idea as many people like keepsakes which remind them of special days. If all else fails a beautiful floral bouquet is always a winner, provided the florist remembers to make them both different but equal in size and stature.

The Bridemaids / The Maid of Honour

Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour are usually the easiest to buy for. A lovely piece of jewellery each, a pretty photo frame or a glass / crystal ornament with a picture and details from the wedding day lasered into it are all lovely keepsake ideas.

Hopefully these ideas will strike a cord with those on your list to buy for so you may get down to what is really important, the hen night. After working so hard to pull everything together we are sure that everyone must agree that it is only fair that the bride-to-be should be rewarded with a hen weekend that will be truly unforgettable. Whether you will be enjoying the Femme Fatale package in London (a favourite with many!) or having a Glee-ful time with our Glee experience in Blackpool all that you will have to do is turn up and enjoy!

Tips for a Top Best Man Speech

by Chris18. February 2014 14:44

best man speech

The speeches at a wedding are often more nerve-wracking for those involved than the vows are for the bride and groom. Three people usually speak and they are the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. For some reason more people are nervous about the best man’s speech, we wonder why?

It is safe to say that the new mother-in-law does not want to know about those Austrian twins the groom spent every night with during *that* holiday in the early Nineties, and I’m pretty sure referring to the size of the groom’s pecker frequently won’t score you too many points either. These top tips will help you get through that all-so important speech with your friendship and the groom’s dignity intact.

Timing is Everything

Try to keep your speech down to less than eight minutes long at most. Weddings are fabulous events however they are somewhat tiring and a long speech will result in people nodding off. Practice in advance and time yourself if you are unsure.

What Happened the Stag Night Stayed on the Stag Night

Stag weekends are about the groom letting his hair down one last time. Great Aunt Maud does not want the mental image of her favourite nephew having his “private hair” shaved off, the mother in law does not want details of the lap dancing clubs you all visited as part of the Ball Breaker package in Liverpool and as funny as it was to see the Groom’s brother fall over and get covered in mud constantly when you were Hunting the Stag (or paintballing) you really had to be there to find it funny and most of the guest weren’t.


Jokes are fine as part of a best man’s speech however more than two or three at a push could be overkill. Remember your audience too as raunchy jokes with children in the audience doesn’t always go down well.


There is always room for some mushy stuff in the best man’s speech so don’t forget at some point to include how happy your best friend has been since meeting and falling in love with his beautiful bride and toast her for it. This is usually best at the end of the speech.

Don’t Drink

Remember when you hit the clubs on the stag night? Do you remember how the drink helped you lose your inhibitions? We know you might be nervous about your speech however slurring it or being a little too merry to remember the rules of etiquette is not the best idea so save the majority of your alcoholic drinks until after the formalities are over.

The good news is that giving the best man’s speech is the hardest responsibility you will have for your best friend’s wedding. Booking the stag do should be an absolute doddle as we have so many packages both in the UK and abroad which involve you all simply turning up and getting on with the best weekend of your lives.

*Sorry, speech writing doesn’t come as part of any of the packages so you are on your own with that one!

Top Stag Do Pranks

by Chris11. February 2014 09:55

No stag do is complete without the obligatory prank (or three). Whether you are sunning it up abroad at one of our fantastic blokey stag destinations such as Madrid or braving the elements a little closer to home with one of our adventure packages, such as the River Rush weekend in North Wales you know there must be at least one good prank.

The Tattoo

No-one wants to be beaten to death by a furious bride so it is in everyone’s best interests to be sensible here. Once your stag is suitably drunk / asleep take him for a (fake) tattoo. Whether you go for a picture of a buxom woman with her name underneath which of course will be different to the name of his fiancée, or a full face tattoo is up to you. Needless to say he will be well and truly pranked by this one but won’t delete you from his phone or Facebook forever when he realises it was just a trick.


When you book one of our stag weekends abroad you are of course in good hands, however the stag doesn’t need to know that. This prank will take a little planning however it will would be well worth it for the look on his face before he is blindfolded and of course for the video footage. How far you go with this one is up to you but remember not to scar him mentally.

You Are Under Arrest

Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful and thriving cities in the area does have a reputation for having a certain fondness for a certain plant. Imagine your stag’s reaction when he has handcuffs slapped on him by a convincingly costumed local policeman who is accusing him of buying drugs to take home. The fact that he has been no-where near anywhere with exotic plants makes no difference when the police finds a bag of something suspicious on him. The threat of a strip search will have him promising to buy the first round for everyone from now until his first wedding anniversary.

Our stag packages in Amsterdam provide plenty of entertainment however a little prank always adds to the experience.

Costume Fun

Stripping the stag naked, hiding his clothes and making him find them is so old-fashioned. Stripping him naked and leaving him with a costume of your choice is much more fun. We can just imagine the groom-to-be having to hit the nightclubs of Newcastle in a bright pink mankini or Leeds in a sexy little black number and heels.

We pride ourselves on putting together packages both in the UK and abroad which will result in a stag do to remember. A stag prank is traditional however and we are sure you’ll be able to fit one or two around everything we have planned for you.

Do remember that anything that will permanently damage the stag physically, mentally or in the eyes of his bride is not cool so plan a fun but safe prank. If using a fake tattoo, fake tan or similar make sure you book one of our fabulous stag do weekends well in advance of the big day so that there is enough time for everything to fade or wash off.

The Really Silly Reasons People Break up in January

by Chris31. January 2014 14:43

If you’re happy in your relationship, not in the doghouse and considering booking one of our UK stag do or hen dos, congratulations. You’ve survived that tricky time of Christmas and New Year and you’ve shown you’re in your relationship for the duration.

Spare a thought for those not so lucky in love, those starting the year with a broken heart as there are some very odd reasons why this time of year prompts the most breakups than any other.

News of relationships breaking down may seem depressing but it’s really not, because if you look at the reasons why you’ll see they’re actually quite comical.

Poor Presents

A quarter of breakups are due to poor present buying. Not the amount spent but the actual thought that went into the gift. If you’ve recently given an iron, a subscription to Equine monthly when she’s allergic to horsehair or a box of chocolates to your diabetic girlfriend you may be skating on thin ice.

Freaky Family

First you have to decide where you’ll spend Christmas, then you have to embrace your partner’s family traditions. Does dad always carve the turkey, will your future mother in law leave a stocking at the end of your bed, and will Grandma sulk if she doesn’t have silence for the Queen’s Speech?

Spending Christmas with a partner’s family gives you an incredible insight into what you are getting into. Many find that they don’t want to be a part of it and so break it off. If you had copious amounts of food, booze and still had a good time over Christmas, you could be onto a winner.

Office Romance

It’s sad but true that Norman from accounts or Jean from reception can be the reason for a break up at Christmas. With office parties abundant, after a couple of drinks it seems a good idea to finally find out what the office crush is all about. Many realise a little too late that fantasy doesn’t live up to reality.

Should Have Put a Ring on It

Of course, last but not least is the gift that never arrives. Although Christmas is seen as one big party by many men women view it as a chance to be romantic and be swept off their feet. There’s a reason so many Rom Coms are set in the festive period. Don’t worry though, if she’s upset that you didn’t slip a ring into her stocking, you can salvage it with a Valentines rock.

If you’re still unsure about getting married, check out our UK Stag Dos for some inspiration on how you can enjoy 2014 in style before settling down.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway - Are Looking for Hen Parties!

by Chris20. January 2014 14:55

If you are having a hen party or know someone who is, get them to apply for Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. They are currently crying out for Hens, so don't be shy and have a go!!

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway - looking for Hen Parties

Is She Waiting for the Big Question?

by Chris8. January 2014 10:56

As we say goodbye to Christmas and welcome in the New Year we enter a time when nearly a quarter of all relationships break down. If, by the 23rd of January you’re still madly in love you may be considering popping the question by Valentines. If you’re not, she’s probably hoping you do but how can you spot the signs?

Here are a few things to look out for:

Our Site is Bookmarked

If she’s been looking though our UK Hen Dos, whether it’s being a pop star for a day or indulging in a chocoholics dream, she’s thinking about the wedding bells. Before the question is popped it’s natural to focus on the Hen do rather than the big event, just in case it doesn’t go to plan.

She Wants to Watch Rom Coms

At first your girlfriend may be quite happy watching rom coms when you’re not around but if she’s getting ready for a wedding she’ll insist you watch them too. She’s hoping you’ll get a warm feeling deep down that will make you realise you’ve met the one, so be warned if you’re just there to eye up Cameron Diaz’ behind.

She’s Asking Stupid Questions

When a woman wants to know if a man is ready for commitment she’ll read magazines, take online quizzes and basically embrace anything that helps her find the answer. From the film “He’s Just Not that Into You” to asking you if you’d prefer a bungalow or an old folks home when turning 80, every little silly reference is primed to see if you’re committed. Tread carefully but try not to worry as once you do pop the question it will all be forgotten (even if you said you’d like to live out your remaining years in the Playboy mansion).

She’s Having Alone Time with Your Family

Even if your mum and girlfriend don’t see eye to eye, when she thinks you may be spending eternity together she’ll make one last effort to take on your family as her own. She’ll invite your mum for lunch, arrange shopping dates with your sister and accept all family invitations.

She’ll Make an Effort

Many women think that when men don’t pop the question it’s because they worry that as soon as they marry their girlfriend will turn into a slob. In a bid to show you that this won’t happen, your almost fiancé will start working out again, wearing new underwear and basically showing you how great your life will be if you married her. For many women this actually backfires as the bloke thinks, “If it’s this good now there’s no need to change a thing”.

She Pulls Out Grandma’s Ring

Of course, if she’s expecting a proposal she will have pointed out so many jewellery shop displays, you’ll find H Samuel on the PC every time you hit the internet and there’s probably a few jewellery catalogues knocking about. The most determined will bring out Grandma’s ring, this is to show you that you don’t have to spend a fortune on an engagement or wedding ring as it’s already bought and paid for.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you may want to relieve the stress a little by checking out our UK Stag Do’s, from paintballing to Lap Dancing, clubbing to beach beauties, you’ll see another advantage to popping that big question.

Top Festive Hen Do Ideas

by Chris13. December 2013 11:45

Traditionally weddings have always been booked between spring and late summer and yet more and more people are looking to enjoy a more festive themed special wedding day. This of course means that hens get to pull out all of the tinsel-covered stops when it comes to arranging the perfect winter hen weekend.

Fancy Dress is Not Optional

When it comes to a festive hen do it is very important that everyone looks the part. If you have a party booked make sure you have glittery make up, tinsel and a costume suitable for the occasion. It doesn’t matter if you wear a little black dress with enough glitter, glitz and Xmas baubles to sink a battleship, or whether your evening looks set to involve being dressed as a drunken elf; dressing up is all part of the fun.


Whether you are in a swanky London hotel or our recommended three star Georgian period town-house in Edinburgh as part of our popular chocolate party there is no reason why you can’t decorate your rooms as well as yourself if of course they aren’t already Christmassy enough. From getting ready to go out to collapsing in giggles at the end of the day or night a twinkling room festooned with Christmas finery all adds to the already magical atmosphere hens enjoy with us.


Music is important for any hen night and we are sure that there will be Christmas music included wherever you go when out and about on your hen weekend, even if you are supplying the melodies yourself from the back of a limousine! For the true Christmas tune divas why not book our studio package (Pop Star Experience) and record your own Christmas tracks to keep and treasure (or hide) forever? This is a very popular hen weekend activity and is easily tweaked to become Christmas themed.

Music doesn’t have to come from Noddy Holder’s top twenty Christmas hits to be cheerful and get you in the mood though. Hens of all ages tell us how much they have loved our Abba experience and if this floats your boat then why not get glammed up and enjoy some top tunes and dance moves with your festive hens?

Festive Games

Many hen nights involve games of some sort or another. Whether these are truth and dare kind of games (good for a party involving one of our uber-popular Butler in the Buff packages) or a drinking game finding simple but effective ways to alter them to become more festive couldn’t be easier. Move over the golf drinking game, there are plenty of festive drinking games which tick the box.

A wedding is special at any time of the year and similarly so is a hen night. If you and your fellow hens are booking or have booked a festive hen do with us we will do everything we can to help you enjoy a most festive time.

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