What to bring to a hen do weekend!

by Chris27. November 2012 15:26
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Are you getting ready for your mates hen do weekend and not sure what to bring? Here are some tips on what to bring for your mate’s big party weekend.

First of all, where you are going obviously makes a big difference on what to bring. A hen weekend in Liverpool would require somewhat different packing than a sunny hen weekend in Bournemouth. More generally there are some main things that should be packed in your bag regardless of where you are going!

  • 1. Props!
    Plastic willy straws, and other fun and tacky stuff is essential for a hen do weekend, no matter how sophisticated you think you are, a hen do is not the same without plastic willy props, that’s a fact! There are many places online that sell the most ridiculous props, so get some fun items to give the bride and your fellow hens.

  • 2. Matching outfits
    If the hen group has ordered matching personalised hoodies or t-shirts be sure not to forget yours as you will definitely feel left out of the group. The same goes if there is a theme, and you need your fancy costume. It’s not cool looking back on the weekend’s pictures and you are standing in corner as the black sheep!

  • 3. A selection of party dresses
    Do not think “I am only going to bring one dress, so I won’t spend all night deciding what to wear…” When you are going out with a big group of girls there is always the chance of having the same dress as someone else! You might also “not feel” the dress that night and end up being uncomfortable. Another important clothing precaution is making sure your tights don’t have any rips; always bring an extra pair, just in case. Finally do not forget your favourite heels; and do not buy a new 10inch pair and think it will be okay! Blisters can ruin any night!

  • 4. Camera, sweets and champagne!
    Bring your camera to catch all the fun, you might not remember much as the weekend comes to an end, and then there is nothing more fun than going through your camera. Alternatively, you could all purchase disposable cameras; people tend to take more stupid/fun pictures with these cameras! Bring along tons of sweets and snacks as well, it might be a while between the meals plus loads of alcohol often equals ugly scenes. You don’t want to miss out on the night because you suddenly turned dead on the couch. And of course bring a bottle or two of champagne to drink whilst getting ready for the night out, just remember to do your makeup before starting on the sparkle! Just a few handy tips...

  • 5. Other essentials
    Bring all your makeup, makeup remover and hair products with you. However it is not too much of a crisis if you have forgotten your straighteners as you are surrounded by a group of girls and there will be at least one sensible girl in the troop. Pain killers and hangover cures for the ride home is another essential hen doo item. Also remember your phone charger, however if you are in the danger zone of drunk texting/calling you might be glad that you forgot it Sunday morning! Note: don’t forget plasters! Always handy to have for crisis situations!

  • 6. Party mood!
    Finally, no one likes party poopers, so even though you had a bad or stressful week, leave it at home. There is no room for bad moods or drama, remember why and for whom you are there!

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