Unique and Unusual Stag Activities

by Chris7. January 2013 14:06

If you have been given the responsibility of organising a stag do, then truly you want to make sure that the occasion is as memorable as possible. Remember that this may be your last big lads’ night out for a while and thus it is crucial that you make the most of it.

Many of us, however, have moved past the whole ‘booze and stripper’ approach and rather want to find something new and unique. Especially if you find that there are a sudden rush of weddings all at once; you don’t want your best mate’s stag to simply blend in with the rest. You need to get creative and look beyond the expected. Create some genuine surprises and in doing so induce some long lasting memories.

Unique Stag Ideas

Of course, the whole concept of a unique idea means that you can be creative yourself. You could literally organise anything, within reason, and after all you know the stag better than anybody else. In spite of this, it is always helpful to find something ready-made, and luckily a few specialist stag-do companies understand the necessity of offering variety.

Below are three examples of unique stag-do activities that could truly engrain your best mates stag on the minds of all those in attendance. Remember, it is important to think outside the box, if you are to hit the back of the net, and continuing on a football theme, that is where our list will start.

Gorge Walking

You may remember this from your GCSE Geography days, but, as well as being an excellent way of studying mountain landscapes, it is also an awful lot of fun. Fundamentally, what you are expected to do is, climb up a rocky mountain against the flow of a waterfall; boulder hoping, traversing, crawling through wormholes, zip-wiring and, finally, leaping into the river below.

We all know that it’s a stag’s duty to rise to the occasion, in overcoming a mountain of beer, but too it is always important to get back to nature and push yourself physically.Gorge walking can truly test a stag’s stamina on the ‘morning after’ and certainly you will have earned your first pint come the evening.

Part of the beauty of a stag do is being able to let go of your responsibilities, just for a short while, whilst unleashing your inner child. See the world as your playground once more, and prove to yourself, and others, that there is life in the old dog yet.

Segway Trekking

You have probably seen Segways, the weird two-wheeler vehicles, on music videos and in Hollywood films, but now you too can ride the transport of the future.

Nottingham Segway trekking enables you first to get to grips with controlling the vehicles, before later embarking on a forest trek. It is a unique and special way to view the beautiful Nottingham countryside, and is sure to produce some excellent snaps.

Although a walk through the woods may not be your idea of a stag-do activity, it is a great way to get some fresh air in to those lungs, experience something new, an d get you all loosened up for the long night ahead. It is an experience you will never forget, and not many can say that they have ridden a Segway along a forest trail.


Parkour, or Free Running, has become one of the most popular new urban sports over the course of the last decade. It is seen by many as a great way to exercise and too unleash that inner child.

Remember how you used to view the world around you as giant obstacles that had to be overcome, well Parkour is like the adult version of that. It makes you view your surroundings in a new way, and can be a great way of burning off some adrenaline before hitting the bars and clubs.

You will be trained how to move elegantly, or not, through a range of obstacles, before unleashing your animal instincts within your natural urban environment. There is every chance that some will be tempted to try out their new found talents later on the evening too, and this activity can be the spark that ignites your journey through the city, over the course of the weekend.

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