Unusual Hen Party Ideas

by Chris12. March 2013 10:44

When you’re the best friend of the bride and given the task of planning the hen night, it can seem like a heavy cross to bear. Not only do you have to ensure the hen has a great time, you have to make it memorable, it has to trump any other night out as it’s her last as a single lady, and to be a success everyone else has to be happy too.

One easy way to do this is to plan something unusual, forget drinks at the local and Chippendales at the bingo hall, there are so many great ways to have a hen party you’ll want to book them all!

1) Pop Princesses

There are recording studios all over the UK just waiting for you and your hen to sing your hearts out – and yes they do have auto tune! Not only will you have the chance to be the new spice girls for the day, you’ll also receive a recording that the bride can treasure forever.

Imagine the stories to the grandchildren…once upon a time before I married your granddad I did this!

2) Skills for Life

We’re not talking about education here; we’re talking about Burlesque parties. Here, every guest learns ways in which to dance Burlesque style, skills that will ALWAYS come in handy. Let your hen know it’s your special gift so she has a trick up her sleeve at the seven year itch! It’s bound to be a giggle but it’ll also be useful too!

If you don’t fancy this intimate way of dancing, you can choose a Glee experience, Gangam Style Dance lessons or even Dirty Dancing – we dare you not to sing along!

3) Sweet as Chocolate

Now everyone knows that brides lose weight before the wedding through nerves alone, so what better way to celebrate than having a chocolate themed weekend. With marriage around the corner (hopefully) your hen will never again experience that heartbreak moment when one box of chocolates will never do, so now’s the time to say goodbye to comfort eating in style!

4) The Full Monty

If you think your hen would appreciate an eye full before she says I do, then The Full Monty is an activity for you. It’s not simply strippers on a stage; it’s a full night with buffet, a drag queen to rise the spirits followed by lots of luscious lads baring all. We’d say don’t bring the mother in law, but you never know she may just enjoy it!

5) Give Us a Clue

If your hen prefers a tamer night (or if you have got the mother in law coming) you may prefer something a little quieter. A murder mystery weekend is just the ticket, with real actors so you get entertained while trying to find the clues! Robert Downey Junior is not included, but you’re bound to have a fab night anyway!

These are just a few ideas for unusual hen dos – they’re becoming more inventive every day, from daredevil weekends to Spa days and nights just make sure the bride to be gets what she wants- this once!

If you have had an unusual hen party ideal leave us a comment below or share it via facebook.

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