What Not to Wear on a Stag Do

by Chris19. March 2013 15:21

We know that despite being male, the Stag night outfit is important. This is the last night of freedom where you can spurn the advances of other females knowing you’ve got the best fish in the sea waiting for you back home.

This doesn’t mean you don’t want to turn heads though, as what better way to wave goodbye to the single life than to let the single girls mourn your passing from available to attached? The way to do this is obviously to look amazing, confident and happy.

Many men will tell you that it seems like Murphy’s Law on the Stag Night. You’ve spent years out with the lads, competing for the best girl on the dance floor and going home alone most nights. Yet once you have that “in love” glow about you and have made the decision to spend the rest of your life with just one, women seem to fall over themselves as if just by touching you, they too will be rewarded with a bit of your “Happily Ever After”.

Avoid the Shirt Your Fiancé Bought

You may think it shows you’re thinking of her if you go out in the shirt she bought you for Christmas but this is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

  1. You don’t want to worry about spilling shots down it, or covering it with a greasy kebab on the way home. Worse still, if your stags get it into their head to take the humiliation route, it could be ripped or lost altogether.
  2. This night is about you and your friends. It’s their last chance to be the centre of your universe before you put someone else first all of the time. Even your best friend knows he’s been demoted to 2nd best friend as your new wife will be the one you confide in more often. Of course after a few pints and as the night draws to a close, you may wax lyrical about your bride to be, but before then try to concentrate on you and your mates for one last time which includes leaving romantic gifts at home.

Stay Away from Trainers

You might think you’re only going to a few pubs locally but once you’ve had a few drinks you’ll be amazed by the craving that hits you to extend the night with clubbing or a casino. Of course neither will let you in if you’ve got trainers on your feet so it’s best to leave them at home just in case. The same goes for jeans too.

Avoid Polyester

A polyester shirt is brilliant for work, when you’ve air conditioning and a jacket to cover up any marks and stains, but if you wear one on your stag night, no matter how strong your deodorant is, you’ll have sweat patches within minutes. Linen is best as it even looks good crinkled, or try pure cotton, so skin can breathe.

Above all, perfect the smart casual look. A shirt and trousers is great, you can dress up or down by taking a tie out with you but be careful the stags don’t use it for something completely different later on!

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