Accessories You Shouldn't Forget on Your Hen Night

by Chris26. March 2013 15:50

There are some accessories you shouldn’t leave the house without for your hen night. Forget about the willy straws, the tutu and the L-plates, your hens will take care of that, think more of essential items that will make your night go without a hitch.

A Good Sized Handbag

Now a clutch may seem ideal, it’s small, it’s easy to carry but that’s just it. You have to clutch it at all times. By the end of the hen night you’ll need that extra hand for balancing and this is where the shoulder bag comes in. Not only will it free your hands for hanging onto walls and fences, it will also make sure you can carry the myriad of items you’re bound to find. The stripper’s G-string, the bunny ears, the presents, cards gifts and of course your other accessories.

Your Phone

Your phone is your life line; it’s your camera, your walky talkie between other hens, your taxi at the end of the night, your connection to all those stuck at home while you’re having the time of your life. Don’t forget it but resist the urge to spend your hen night texting your fiancé!

Powder and Foundation

It’s amazing how many women will take out lipstick and mascara but think their foundation will last all night. There’s no foundation that can do this on a hen night, as there’s nothing strong enough to withstand the temperature changes, the excess alcohol, the food, the rubbing of bodies, the girly hugs, the stripper’s torso in your face and more.

To make sure you still look fresh at the end of the night, take your foundation with you. It’ll cover a multitude of sins.


You may not have been asked for ID for a while but once you’re out with a group of girls you’ll be asked at every bar. Take it as a compliment and make sure you’ve got some on you, preferably with your address on so you don’t have to communicate with the taxi driver at the end of the night!

A First Aid Kit

This is it now, you’re growing up and settling down so need a Nora Batty suitcase of remedies to see you though the night. In all seriousness, you will probably benefit from a few plasters (for the blisters after your 27th dance) and some diarolyte for kids. This is the best kept secret for keeping hydrated and preventing a hangover! You get a range of flavours and just add it to a bottle of water to stay fresh as a daisy all night long. Your head will also thank you for it in the morning.

If you are planning a hen do abroad, make sure you consider sun glasses, sun cream or if its going to be a cold destination think of wrapping up warm!

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