What’s So Great about Swansea for Stags?

by Chris17. June 2013 14:23

When we picture Swansea images of a luscious bronzed Catherine Zeta Jones springs to mind. She’s chewing a blade of grass as she lies in a sun-drenched cornfield. We may even go a little bit further and add THOSE shorts she wore in The Darling Buds of May, however, there’s no Cathy’s where our Stags go!

More for the Christian Bales among you than the Rob Brydons, the setting for Swansea Stag weekends is not for the faint hearted. There’s so much to do it’s a nonstop event, that has the adrenalin pumping, the muscles tensing and the buttocks clenching, as from this incredible location, you can get involved with the most dangerous sports on earth.

If you fancy scaring yourself silly, or would like a wakeup call before the big day then Swansea has everything you need. From the Gower Peninsula you can become the Bond of your buddies as you take on thrill after thrill.

Here are some of the best for those that want to put their bravery to the test!


For over four hours you’ll make your way around the Welsh coast seeing the best this country has to offer. This isn’t a slow amble through the paths of the cliff though, this is a climb, a free fall, a swim, a jump, a dive and an abseil all rolled into one. Forget the beaten track you’ll be following the actual coast working your way around cliffs and rocks before dropping from a height into the sea.
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River Tubing

Forget White Water Rafting, river tubing gets you up close and personal to those rapids, the closest you’ll ever be in fact as your small tube carries you through the most extreme gorges, hopefully keeping you afloat. It feels as though you’re travelling at intense speed with nothing but a lifejacket for safety, an experience you’ll definitely never forget.
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Canyoning Extreme

This is the most adrenalin fuelled adventure yet as it takes you on a tour where you have no choice but to canoe down rapids, scramble over gorges, climb rock faces, just 3o feet into water below and abseil down one of the country’s biggest waterfalls.

You’ll be ready to relax on honeymoon after this little adventure. A tip from Escape Trips, a pint after this event never tasted so good! Read more about Swansea Canyoning Extreme Activity

For the ones that like life a little more relaxed Swansea does have more to offer than just the sports that can break your bones, it can also break your balls too!

The Ball Breaker gives you a great night out centred on a pool table, complete with Wenches to serve you drinks and snacks all night long!

If this still sounds like punishment, take a trip to the beach and enjoy the sandy beaches of the bay before heading out to the nightclubs with a VIP pass on us!

Go to our Swansea Stag Weekends page for more information

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