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Birmingham Paintballing In a Nutshell

Includes overalls, headgear, semi-automatic guns and 100 paintballs
Extra paintballs can be bought on the day
We recommend you wear boots for this activity
Lunch can also be included at an extra cost
Located 30 minutes from Birmingham
Duration half or full day
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Birmingham Paintballing Overview

Paintballing is a great activity to do during your hen weekend. You will be provided with camouflaged overalls, protective head gear and semi-automatic paintball guns and will be running about the woods splatting people with paintballs.

Your group will be split into two teams and you will play against each other in a variety of scenarios. You will take turns at attacking or defending a position or you could be involved in a skirmish to retrieve an object from the centre of the battlefield.

Games last between 10-20 minutes and you will be provided with 100 paintballs. Extra paintballs, grenades and smoke bombs can be bought on the day.

Birmingham Paintballing

Get a taster of what is to come

View our Paintballing video and get an idea of what to expect on this activity.