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G.I. Jane Combo £58


Bournemouth G.I. Jane Combo £58 In a Nutshell

Perfect for girls who want to shoot guns!
4 Back-to-back events at the same outdoor activity centre
Located less than 20 miles from Bournemouth
Duration approximately 3-4 hours
Lunch can be included for an extra £6pp
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Bournemouth G.I. Jane Combo £58 Overview

For girls who want to shoot guns and throw things!!!
It's 4 back-to-back activities all at the same venue.

Assault Rifles (40 shots)
You will be shooting either a semi-automatic Heckler & Koch 416 or an MP5 into a custom built shooting range that has ballistic rubber (for safety) and a really cool graffiti zombie design. Your accuracy will be tested with a variety of challenges and you'll get the chance to pump rounds into paper targets, tin plates, zombies and even exploding pyrotechnics.

Axe Throwing
Your instructor has been trained to handle these ancient and deadly weapons and he will show you the technique required to hurl a tomahawk through the air and plant it deep in the target. It's not too difficult up close, but how will you fare as you start to move further back?

Crossbows date back to the 4th century and have been used for hunting and warfare as well as being extremely popular with ninja assassins! When you get your hands on these bad boys you'll see exactly why they are such deadly weapons. With a 150lb of pull and sights to help you aim these weapons are both powerful and accurate.

This ancient sport very quickly becomes addictive and don't be surprised if things start to get competitive within the group. You'll be given a variety of targets to aim at including exploding targets, which are really satisfying to hit and bring a new dimension to this popular activity.