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Quad Bikes £40


Bournemouth Quad Bikes £40 In a Nutshell

Wear boots and comfortable clothing
Long sleeves and trousers must be worn
No driving licence is required
Helmets and overalls will be provided
Alcohol may not be consumed before or during this event
Duration 1-2 hours
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Bournemouth Quad Bikes £40 Overview

If your looking for an exhilarating activity during your Bournemouth Hen Weekend you won't go far wrong by booking the girls in for a Quad Bike Trek.

Quad Bikes are easy to ride and can explore just about any off-road terrain which makes them perfect for hen parties that are looking for a thrilling activity. They can make mince meat of rugged trails, zoom up steep climbs, do power-slides and whiz across open fields.

They may look a bit like motorbikes, but riding them is completely different as the gears are automatic, the speed is controlled by a thumb shifter and with four wheels and a low centre of gravity you don’t need a good sense of balance to ride one.

After a safety briefing there will be a practice session and then you’ll be heading off-road to put your Quad Bike through its paces.