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GPS City Explorer


Edinburgh GPS City Explorer In a Nutshell

App includes live scoreboard, GPS activation and dynamic live maps
Score points by answering questions correctly and completing challenges
Personalise the game by adding your own questions about the hen
Requires smart phone or 3/4G enabled tablet to download the FREE app
Start and finish at a time and place to suit your group
Split into teams of 5 people
Everything takes place on foot (taxis, buses, tube etc. not required)
Duration is normally 1 ½ - 2 hours maximum
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Edinburgh GPS City Explorer Overview

Explore the city of Edinburgh with this fully interactive GPS Treasure Hunt. This fantastic game uses cutting-edge app technology and allows you to discover the city in a fun and unique way.

Your hen party will be split into teams and will be racing to score as many points as possible in each of the GPS zones by unlocking questions and challenges. Through the wizardry of modern technology you will also be able to check on the progress of the other teams with a GPS tracker and live scoreboard.

The GPS City Explorer is a fantastic way to discover famous landmarks, local celebrities and interesting local trivia as well as keeping your hen party entertained without spending a fortune.

All you need is a smart phone or 3/4G enabled tablet and you’re off. You’ll learn a bit about the city you are visiting as well as having a lot of fun and getting some great photos and memories of your Edinburgh Hen weekend.