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Mud Buggies £51


Liverpool Mud Buggies £51 In a Nutshell

Includes full motocross style waterproof suits and safety equipment
Can be combined with Hovercraft, DTV Shredders and more!
Located 35 minutes from the centre of Liverpool
Duration 1 hour depending on group size
2 Seater buggies
Maximum group size of 14 people
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Liverpool Mud Buggies £51 Overview

New to Liverpool events for 2018... Mud Buggies

If you prefer a bit more friction then our Mud Buggy experience is a must! Powered by car engines, these 2 seater buggies have manual gearboxes are the ultimate off road machine for big boys and girls.
 As a driver you will get to take them out on our off-road track with a passenger where you will get up to 35mph. The track varies during the year to make the best of the conditions. With water on the track it can be very tricky to steer. The experience is doubled as you get driver and passenger time in the Blitzworld Vigilante Off Road Buggy. In the winter it’s really wet and you will get very muddy.
In the summer we pump water on to some of the track. 

 Your experience will start with safety briefings, you will then be provided with the necessary equipment. After our instructors introduce you to the buggy and its controls, as well as track briefing you will get to go out on the track.
You will drive 7-10kms (subject to conditions) with your passenger before entering into the pits for either a rest or to swap over as you go back out as passenger. Due to the potential speeds you need to be able to handle a gearbox without causing damage. *TOP EVENT*

Mud Buggies in Liverpool can be combined with Hovercraft, Segways, Grass Karts, Archery Tag, Axe Throwing and DTV Shredders - all at the same venue.