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Horse Riding


Newquay Horse Riding In a Nutshell

Wear riding boots or sturdy footwear with a heel
Wear long trousers and comfortable clothing
Riding hats will be provided but feel free to bring your own
Your instructor will assess your ability to decide on the nature of your ride
Duration 2 hours
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Newquay Horse Riding Overview

Exploring the outdoors on horseback is a marvellous activity and a great way to keep the girls entertained during your Newquay Hen Weekend.

On your trek you could be venturing along wooded trails or across open moors and depending on your level of experience you will get the chance to break the horses into a trot, canter or high speed gallop.

Your trek will last for two hours, but we can also offer one hour rides or half day rides that would include a pub stop. Please advise if you would prefer either of these options as they will affect the price of your package.