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Assault Course


Nottingham Assault Course In a Nutshell

Combine with Paintballing, Off Road Buggies, Quad Bikes and Segways
Minimum of 10 people required
Suitable for all fitness levels
Wear boots or sturdy trainers
Duration 1 hour
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Nottingham Assault Course Overview

Your hen party will be split into opposing teams and will be racing against each other over a woodland assault course that covers two acres.

You will have to dismantle and re-assemble a cannon at each obstacle and also get all of your team members either over, under or through the obstacles.

Working as a team will be key if you are to get round with the quickest time and you will have plenty of fun as you tackle tricky obstacles such as the Scramble Net, Burma Bridge, the Wall, Black Hole and plenty more.

Each obstacle has been designed to challenge a different fear such as heights, tight spaces, blacked out holes or ravines that you have to swing over. It's all good fun though and there's nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spice up the weekend.