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5-a-Side Football


Amsterdam 5-a-Side Football In a Nutshell

Includes sport hall hire, football and bibs
Changing rooms with showers
Bar facilities available (request at the time of booking)
Minimum of 10 people
Distance from Amsterdam 5 minutes
Transfers available on request
Duration 1 hour (can be extended to 2 hours)
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Amsterdam 5-a-Side Football Overview

Holland gave the world Total Football and now it’s time to bring it back home to Amsterdam. Line up against your buddies for a fierce encounter and make sure it’s your team that’s rustling the onion-bag . Impress spectators with an array skills including the Cruyff turn, the Ronalado step-over and maybe even a Crouchy scissor kick.

5-a-side is a great way to spend an afternoon before your big night out. Get that heart pumping and the adrenalin racing and we guarantee that the post-match beers will taste even better!