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Ultimate Guns


Budapest Ultimate Guns In a Nutshell

English speaking guide and transfers included
Includes 75 rounds with 7 different weapons
Includes a round of beers
Minimum of 8 people
No alcohol permitted before this activity
Duration 4 hours including transfers
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Budapest Ultimate Guns Overview

Yippie-kai-yay, this really is the ultimate gun shooting package! You’ll be packin’ so much heat that even Rambo would think twice about taking you on and with 75 rounds and 7 weapons in your arsenal who would blame him?

Your instructor will show you the best stance and how to hold and fire each weapon. Then take a deep breath, squeeze the trigger and pop off a few rounds. The feeling of shooting a .357 Magnum, AK47 or a Remmington Shotgun is awesome and you’ll be buzzing with adrenaline for days.

Once the shooting is over there’s a round of beers on us and you’ll have time to examine your targets to see who the best marksman of the day was.

Includes 75 rounds with the following weapons:

Ruger Mark IV (15 rounds), 9mm Glock 17 (20 rounds), .357 Magnum (6 rounds),Vz Tactical SA 26 (8 rounds), Remmington Shotgun (6 rounds), AK47 (10 rounds), FN Fall Sniper Rifle (5 rounds).