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Hamburg Paintballing In a Nutshell

1500 square metre playing areas with indoor and outdoor zones
Includes overalls, helmets, guns and 200 paintballs
Minimum of 6 people
Duration half or full day
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Hamburg Paintballing Overview

Paintballing is a fast-paced and action-packed activity that will leave your stag party tingling with adrenaline. Every member of your group will be involved in paint splatting games such as “Storm the Castle”, “Capture the Flag” or that old stag favourite “Last Man Standing”. This is your chance to live out your boyhood fantasies and be an SAS commando for the day, or failing that just shoot the crap out of anything that moves!

Hamburg’s paintball arena covers 1,500 square metres and even has both indoor and outdoor game zones. Everyone will be equipped with overalls, masks, paintball guns and 200 paintballs. You can also beef up your arsenal on the day by buying extra paintballs, smoke bombs and paint grenades.