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AK47s and Uzis


Krakow AK47s and Uzis In a Nutshell

English speaking guide and transfers included
Includes 40 rounds with 3 weapons
Upgrade this package to 70 rounds for an extra £35
Round of beers included
Keep your targets as souvenirs
Minimum of 10 people
Allow 3-4 hours with transfers
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Krakow AK47s and Uzis Overview

It's time to release your inner Rambo (we all have one) and go on a shooting frenzy with handguns, Kalashnikovs and Uzi machine guns. Only the military, bandits and assassins get to handle weapons as deadly as these, but in Krakow they're cool with English stags wielding the world's deadliest firearms and spraying hot lead around their shooting range.

Your guide will take you to Krakow's indoor shooting range, where expert instructors will show you how to lock, load and fire these deadly weapons. There's a round of beers for everyone after the shooting is done and a chance to inspect your targets up close and determine who'd be handy in a gun fight and who couldn't hit a barn door from six paces.

Includes 40 rounds with the following:

Glock handgun (10 rounds), AK 47 (20 rounds), Uzi Machine Gun (10 rounds)