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Big Guns


Krakow Big Guns In a Nutshell

English speaking guide and transfers included
Includes 57 rounds with 4 weapons
Includes a round of beers
Keep your targets as souvenirs
Minimum of 8 people
Allow 2-4 hours with transfers
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Krakow Big Guns Overview

How many one liners do you know from gangster films? If you've got 57 of them then you can real one off every time you pull the trigger in this gun toting, pistol wielding, bullet flying, shooting extravaganza. You could kick off with some De Niro "You talking to me?!", followed up with a bit of Eastwood "Go ahead punk...make my day?" and when you are really smokin' it's time to bring out the Pacino "Say hello to my little friend!"

You will be hanging out at Krakow's shooting range with a big bag of guns including a Glock, a Taurus, a sports rifle and even a pump action shotgun. Your instructors will tell you a bit about each gun and how to shoot it before letting you loose to blast away like some crazed mafia hitman.

Includes 57 rounds with the following:

Glock handgun (30 rounds), Taurus handgun (12 rounds), Sporting Rifle (10 rounds), Pump action shotgun (5 rounds).