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Krakow Paintballing In a Nutshell

English speaking guide and transfers included
Includes overalls, masks, semi-automatic guns plus 200 paintballs
Round of beers at the end of the games
BBQ available for an extra £12pp
Minimum of 8 people
No alcohol to be consumed before or during this activity
Your should wear boots or sturdy trainers for this activity
Allow 3-4 hours with transfers
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Krakow Paintballing Overview

The communists scarpered from Poland over 20 years ago leaving behind lots of military bases that have since fallen into ruin. Thankfully some bright spark had the great idea of turning one of these bases into a paintball site. How cool is that, to be playing war games with your mates where the Red Army was once based?

After many years Paintballing still remains the most popular stag weekend activity and you'll be pleased to know that the boys in Krakow have not messed with the formula. You will be split into teams and play several scenarios where you might have to retrieve a flag, overrun the enemy base or just plain shoot everyone dead. The site also has lots of exciting features such as trenches, fortresses, derelict buildings and bridges to ensure you won't forget the day you played Rambo behind the Iron Curtain!