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Pistol Shooting


Krakow Pistol Shooting In a Nutshell

English speaking guide with transfers included
25 rounds with a Glock and 5 rounds with a pump action shotgun
Round of beers
Keep targets as souvenirs
Minimum of 8 people
Allow 2-4 hours with transfers
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Krakow Pistol Shooting Overview

Here's your chance to pretend you're bad ass cop with a badge, a gun and a twitchy finger. We aren't suggesting that you run through the streets of Krakow waving your weapon about (!), but take a trip instead to the local shooting range where you will square up just like your favourite TV cop and then pile some lead into an unsuspecting card board target.

Instructors will show you the correct stance and also how to hold, aim and fire the weapons. You will get 25 rounds with a Glock followed by 5 rounds with a pump action shotgun followed by a round of beers once all the guns are safely locked up again. So pick up a gun and show us what you are made of...are you as cool and collected as Dirty Harry or as inept and disastrous as Inspector Clouseau?