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Vodka Tasting


Krakow Vodka Tasting In a Nutshell

English speaking guide included
Five types of Polish vodka to sample
Fruit chasers and traditional snacks to compliment the Vodka
Polish Vodka t-shirt
Minimum of 8 people
Allow 2 hours with transfers
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Krakow Vodka Tasting Overview

If you want good whiskey you head to Scotland, for Rum it's the Caribbean, but if it's the world's best vodka you are looking for then it has to be Poland. You might have had a few Smirnoffs and think you know Vodka, but all that's really good for is getting rat-arsed and leaving you with the mother of all hangovers. Polish vodka is pure, full of flavour and there are loads of distilleries all producing their own version of this fiery tipple.

You will spend some time with an expert who will tell you about the history of Vodka and how it is made. Then he will serve up five different vodkas and see if you can taste the difference between them. We don't want anyone keeling over so there will also be snacks and fruit chasers between each shot. To prove that you've taken the most dangerous booze that Poland has to offer you'll also receive a Polish Vodka t-shirt that you can wear with pride back in your local boozer.