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AK47s and Shotguns


Prague AK47s and Shotguns In a Nutshell

English speaking guide and transfers included
36 rounds including
Shotgun (5 rounds), AK47 (25 rounds) & 357 Magnum (6 rounds)
Round of beers included
Minimum of 10 people
Allow 2-4 hours
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Prague AK47s and Shotguns Overview

In this unique shooting package you get to fire two fantastic weapons that will literally blow your socks off. First off it's the shotguns.With both barrels loaded you'll feel proper gangster as you take aim and unload hot lead into the targets.

After the Magnum 357s and shotguns it's time lock and load with the world's most deadly assault rifles. You will be looking down the barrel of an AK47 that will make total mince meat out of your targets. You are also free to keep your target as souvenirs, if there is anything left of it!