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Yankee Guns


Prague Yankee Guns In a Nutshell

English speaking guide and transfers includes
Includes 28 rounds:
M16 (20 rounds)
Magnum Revolver (6)
Pump Action Shotgun (2 rounds)
Round of beers included
Keep targets as souvenirs
Upgrade to include Scorpion Machine Gun and Dessert Eagle
Minimum of 10 people
Allow 2 hours
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Prague Yankee Guns Overview

It doesn't get more thrilling than spraying bullets from semi-automatic machine guns and pump-action shotguns. These deadly weapons kick like a mule and will make mince meat out of your targets. You will be shooting 20 rounds from a deadly M16, America's most revered assault weapon and you'll also get the chance to fire off 6 rounds from a Magnum Revolver and a couple of rounds from a US police issue pump action shotgun.

This package can also be up-graded to include 10 rounds from a Scorpion Machine Gun and a couple of rounds from the scariest hand gun in the world... the Desert Eagle.