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Beer Bike


Riga Beer Bike In a Nutshell

Includes 1 litre of beer per person.
Bikes include table, sound system and roof
Includes a local guide / driver
Minimum of 8 people and maximum of 14
Duration 1.5 hours
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Riga Beer Bike Overview

This really has to be the best way to explore the wonderful city of Riga . What could be better than cycling through the streets, waving at the pretty locals and knocking back a few beers?

Your funky Beer Bike is equipped with a large wooden table, sound system, a roof to protect you from the rain and will be tanked up with 1 litre of beer per person. You don’t even need to worry about getting lost or riding on the wrong side of the road as every Beer Bike comes with a local driver who will guide you through the streets while you pedal and take in all the sights.

Early booking is recommended as the Riga Beer Bike is extremely popular and tends to get booked up several weeks in advance.