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Bigger Guns


Riga Bigger Guns In a Nutshell

Includes English speaking guide with transfers
Keep your targets
10 shots with the Glock
5 shots with the Kalashnikov
10 shots with the Margolin
5 shots with the Pump-Action Shotgun
Minimum 6 people
Duration 2.5 hours with transfers
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Riga Bigger Guns Overview

Our Bigger Guns experience is one of the most popular and exciting activities that you could choose to do in Riga. That's hardly surprising when you consider that some of the weapons you will be handling are illegal in the UK and you'd have to get signed up by the SAS if you wanted to shoot some of these babies.

You will be taken to the police shooting range in the centre of Riga and will be handling either a Makarov or Glock pistol (Russian standard police issue), a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a Margolin and a pump action shotgun. All of the weapons are incredibly powerful and you'll be amazed by the noise and kick that follows when you squeeze the trigger. You'll get to keep your targets as a fond reminder of the day you got to play Rambo!