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Riga Paintballing In a Nutshell

English speaking guide and transfers included
Includes overalls, protective headgear, guns and 100 Paintballs
Allow half a day
Minimum of 6 people
Duration 4.5 hours with transfers
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Riga Paintballing Overview

Paintballing remains one of the most exciting activities you could choose for a stag weekend. Not only do you get to shoot your mates up the ass but it is guaranteed to set your pulse racing and give you a burst of adrenaline as you combat against an opposing team in your bid to exterminate them or achieve a mission objective.

Riga's paintball site is outdoors and you will be using a disused factory, old cars, cabins and other objects and barricades to provide you with cover as you try to out manoeuvre or sneak up on the enemy. Every player will be provided with overalls, protective headgear, paintball guns and 100 Paintballs.