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Brighton Paintballing In a Nutshell

Overalls, masks, gloves, semi-automatic guns and 100 paintballs included
Lunch can also be included at an extra cost
Extra paintballs and smoke / flash grenades can be purchased on the day
Duration half or full day
Paintballing in Brighton can be combined with Buggy Racing
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Brighton Paintballing Overview

Rolling around in the mud, hiding behind trees, throwing smoke grenades, shooting people in the backside and charging enemy positions with all guns blazing...all part of your average day when you go Paintballing. Guys love shooting stuff (especially their mates) and that's precisely why Paintballing will always be a favourite activity of Stag Parties.

Our Brighton Paintball site is the best that you will find in the South East and we guarantee you an adrenaline fuelled, paint splatting experience with 18 different game zones to choose from including Amazon Assault, Church Strike, Lost Island, Arthur's Castle, The Jungle, Towers and Urban Assault. You will be equipped with camouflaged overalls and protective headgear and armed with state of the art semi-automatic paintball guns.

The guys at our Brighton Paintball site have created the perfect Paintballing experience and we guarantee that this activity will leave you buzzing for the rest of the weekend!

Brighton Paintballing

Get a taster of what is to come

View our Paintballing video and get an idea of what to expect on this activity.