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Edinburgh Dodgeball In a Nutshell

Balls are official UK dodgeballs designed for safety and playability
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
Games take place indoors. Can be held outside during summer months.
Wear trainers and shorts / tracksuits although fancy dress is encouraged
Minimum 8 people
Events are normally exclusive but may be combined with other groups
Duration 2 hours
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Edinburgh Dodgeball Overview

Dodgeball is a game that pretty much anyone can play. It doesn't matter if you are a tiny or huge, skinny or a bit cuddly, young or just qualified for your bus pass, because this is a game where even the underdogs can be victorious.

Throw in a few silly costumes and fun game variations such as Bull Dogs, Last Man Standing, and Dodge-Pin Bowling and you have got yourselves a fantastic new stag weekend activity. When else do you get the chance to dress up silly and throw stuff at your mates?

Your Edinburgh Dodgeball session will last for 2 hours and will be run by a fun, banter loving host, who will quickly explain the rules, split you into teams and then get you flinging those balls at each other. This is a game that will be new to most, but we guarantee you'll have a great afternoon and spend most of it in fits of laughter.

Edinburgh Dodgeball

Get a taster of what is to come

View our Dodgeball video and get an idea of what to expect on this activity.