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Rage Buggies


Edinburgh Rage Buggies In a Nutshell

600cc v-twin Honda engine buggies
8 Rage Buggies on track at the same time
Recorded lap times with bubbly and podium presentation for the winners
Helmets, overalls and gloves provided
No driving licence required
Minimum of 8 people
Duration 90 minutes
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Edinburgh Rage Buggies Overview

Rage Buggies boast 600cc v-twin Honda engines and at £14k a piece it's no wonder that most activity centres don't allow more than two buggies on track at the same time. However, our Edinburgh buggy centre will allow up to 8 Rage Buggies on track at the same time and what's more the track is has been designed so that you can put your foot down and get these incredible machines up to maximum speed. There are plenty of bends for you to practice your drifting technique, but the highlight has to be "The Hill", which is pretty steep and tends to sort the men from the boys!

After you've been kitted out with helmets, overalls and gloves and listened to a short safety briefing you'll get the chance to turn in a few practice laps. Then it's time for the qualification heats where you'll be aiming to to turn in the lap time of the day. Everyone is guaranteed to make the final but only the fastest drivers will make it onto the podium and get to spray champagne all over the losers.

Rage Buggies are the fastest type of off-road buggy you could hope to drive on a stag weekend and we guarantee that this awesome, mud splatting experience will leave you smiling for days!