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Goggle Football


Liverpool Goggle Football In a Nutshell

Includes venue hire, instructor, bibs, footballs and binocular goggles
Other games include Crossbar Challenge, Penalties and Obstacle Games
Groups will be split into teams of 4-5 players
Games will be played indoor or outdoor
Bring trainers and shinpads
Duration for up to 18 player will be 1 hour
Duration for over 19 players will be 1.5 hours
Can be combined with other events at the same venue
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Liverpool Goggle Football Overview

Whether spectating or taking part Goggle Football is going to have you in stitches. Just imagine trying to play a regular game of football with the lads whilst wearing a pair of thick lensed goggles that look like a scuba mask!

As well as looking ridiculous you will discover how difficult it is to perform simple footballing skills like running in a straight line, changing direction, kicking a ball and tackling or making a save when your depth and distance perception have been radically changed.

Your group will be split into teams and handed out coloured bibs and your binocular goggles. Then it's time for kick-off and for the chaos to begin. Like a regular game of football the team that scores the most goals wins, but chances are you'll be too busy rolling around with laughter to even care about the final score.

At the same venue are other events you can pre-book such as Bubble Football, Old School Sports Day, Turbo Cricket, Inflatable FootDarts, Extreme Dodgeball and Battle Archery. Why not book 2, 3 or 4 back-to-back events?

Liverpool Goggle Football

Get a taster of what is to come

View our Goggle Football video and get an idea of what to expect on this activity.